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With the pandemic changing the world of work for many industries, the online customer service and sales industry has well-adapted to these changes offering more remote working jobs than ever before.

The role of a Customer Service Advisor or  Customer Service Representative no longer requires you to sit in a cubicle, drive to an office park or commute 60+ minutes on a train every day. The rise of technology has meant transitioning to remote work could not be easier.

Apply to become a home based Customer Service Advisor in Dundee

What you need to work from home

Let’s face it, if given the option, many of us would choose to work from home. But there’s more to a sales and customer service home-working job then simply lounging around in pyjamas and making the odd call every now and again. Here’s what you need to work from home in customer service:

  • Have a suitable workspace that allows you to avoid distraction.

  • You may also need to be in commuting distance of your employer’s office

  • A suitable desk and task chair

  • Access to a live landline socket

  • Broadband connectivity

  • Permission from your  homeowner or mortgage lender to work from home permanently

It’s worth mentioning that although you will be able to work from home in the long-term, you will likely have to undergo extensive sales and customer service training onsite before you can hit the ground running.

Top three perks when you work from home

There are many benefits that come with the ability to work from home, including, but not limited to the following:

1. Less time and travel costs when you work from home

When you work from home, you will immediately see the impact on your bank balance. With less commuting and petrol costs, you will not only save money when you work from home, but also have more time to plan your working day…and perhaps squeeze in some cheeky ‘me time’ before the calls pour in.

2. You design your own office when you work from home

When you work from home, you can design your office to suit your needs.  Maybe you want to work outdoors when the whether is great, or perhaps you want to deck out your working space with quirky decor and a range of personal effects.

Remember that wherever you choose to position yourself when you work from home, you will need to ensure your internet connection is working smoothly.

3. When you work from home, you can increase your focus on smashing targets

When you work from home in sales and customer service, you will be away from the hustle and bustle of surrounding colleagues and other distractions which often manifest themselves in a busy office. This means that you will be able to better focus on smashing those targets and earning that extra commission.

Apply to work from home in customer service

Home-working jobs are in high demand, so if remote-work in a customer service or sales job sounds like a perfect match, apply today or get in touch with our Call & Contact Centre recruitment consultants to discuss your options further.

We have a number of home-based Customer Service opportunities in Dundee. If you're an hour's commute from the city, apply now to our latest job.

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