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Commercial awareness is inarguably a highly sought after trait in the legal sector, and one which can also propel one's legal career in the right direction.

What largely distinguishes great Solicitors from the rest is their proactive approach to educating themselves independently, thus increasing their knowledge of the latest news, trends and developments in the legal world.

Written by Barristers, Solicitors and expert Law Correspondents, legal blogs offer an easy way of staying up to date with the latest developments in the industry, as well as insightful commentary from qualified professionals.

Our legal recruitment team has compiled the top 5 legal  blogs every Solicitor should be reading:

5 Legal Blogs every Solicitor should read

1. Barrister Blogger

This award winning legal blog by Matthew Scott is direct and simple in approach. Scott is not afraid to share his decisive opinions on legal issues dominating the news sphere, and has a way of setting the scene of well-read (and some not-so-well read) legal stories that keep you engaged from post to post.

2. Crafty Counsel

For the YouTube generation, Crafty Counsel publishes bite-size legal videos (10 minutes and shorter) featuring legal professionals discussing legal topics in verbal “bullet point” format. Some recent videos tackle varied topics such as “The art of building a relationship: In-house counsel & law firms”, “How can you champion women in the workplace?” or “Building a great legal team – the software.”

3. Pink Tape

Anyone with an interest in family law should subscribe to Pink Tape. This well-respected blog comes from Family Law Barrister Lucy Reed. As well as offering a unique insight into family law, Reed writes about her interests including general law and other family-related content. She won the Jordans Family Law Readers Commentary Award for her “entertaining and informative blog” in 2012, and has since been shortlisted for the Family Law Most Innovative Family Lawyer award twice.

4. The Law and Policy Blog

Blogging about law and policy from a liberal and critical perspective, David Allen Green is the sole writer of The Law and Policy Blog. Due to the current political climate, Green’s posts focus on Brexit. However his blog covers a broad range of subjects. He is also a Legal Commentator at the Financial Times and the former Legal Correspondent of the New Statesman.

5. Legal Cheek

Legal Cheek’s online journal covers current affairs in law with typically lively and irreverent style, proving that law doesn’t have to be stuffy or mince its words on even the more controversial topics making headlines.

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