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With exams and essay writing behind you, there’s probably nothing you want more than to frolic in the summer sun in some exotic destination. But have you ever considered working a summer job in a call centre?

There’s more to working at a call centre than simply delivering and receiving calls. Now that customers have more self service options, call centre jobs now involve delivering more advanced service options. This means there is scope to learn new skills and go far in the industry!

With limited or no experience needed, along with diverse working environments and great earning potential, we share 5 reasons to get a job at a call centre this summer!

5 Reasons to get a Job at a Call Centre

1. No experience needed for many call centre jobs

Although more experience is preferred in any job, a call centre is your best shot at getting on to a career ladder or changing careers.The experience will come in abundance once you’ve landed yourself that first position as a Customer Service Advisor or Representative.

2. Call centre jobs are well paid with great benefits

Call centre jobs also offer a higher salary than most entry level positions and most come with additional perks. Many employers will offer regular overtime as well as performance based bonus schemes based on sales and quality of the customer service you provide. Other benefits might include in-house or brand discounts, access to company insurance schemes and the free entertainment provided by some employers like TVs and free Wi-Fi.

3. Call centre jobs help you gain work experience

Although a job at a call centre may not be your first career choice after studying, it can provide you with valuable work experience. If you’re temping at a call centre this summer, the skills and experience you develop could increase your chance of being made permanent, bringing you one step up the career ladder. 

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This same valuable work experience could also help you land other jobs further down the line in your career.

4. Working at a call centre helps you develop transferrable skills

You can develop many transferable skills though working in a call centre this summer, and these can be utilised in many different jobs and careers across a variety of sectors. These skills include communication, project management and teamwork.

5. Call centre jobs help you climb the career ladder

Training, promotions and working your way up to the top are all great opportunities you'll encounter when you work as a Customer Service Representative at a call centre. 

Tips to get promoted as a Customer Service Representative

It is proven that call and contact centres offer the best motivation and support than any other job role, so a career in this field could eventually bring you to your dream job.

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