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Search Global Mining specialists, Jenniffer Otero Fraga and Nikitta Bellingham continue to enjoy tremendous success as they press on with their dedicated campaign across the Asia Pacific region. Since the beginning of 2019, they have been networking directly with clients and candidates whilst attending a number of leading industry events along the way.

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Search Global launched the mining recruitment drive in January, and the team have since branched out across Australia and Asia. “We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with some of the world’s leading mining companies and contractors internationally, and look forward to networking with more,” said Jenniffer.

Given Search Global’s fast-growing client base in the Asia Pacific Region, the team have been meeting directly with existing and prospective clients face-to-face for the first time. In doing so, they have generated new business from various local and international mining companies throughout the region.

Throughout the campaign, the team have also been working hard to identify and secure high level candidates from project managers to operations managers. “In securing a substantial number of mandates to fill, we have also represented qualified candidates to a number of leading companies across the Asia Pacific Region,” Nikitta added.

Over the course the first quarter, Nikitta and Jenniffer have conducted several visits throughout various mines and with a number of professionals. The team has travelled through Malaysia, visiting mines in Pahang, Perak, Johor and Sarawak, as well as some headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Trips to Laos, South Korea and Hong Kong are also on the horizon.

“Physically setting foot inside the mines has also given us comprehensive insight into the day-to-day operations, which in turn has enabled us to better support the teams on the ground and understand the needs of our clients,” Nikitta continued.

In addition to attending numerous events across Australia, Jenniffer represented Women in Mining UK at this year’s Mines and Money conference in Hong Kong as an international committee member. “It was great to speak on behalf of Women in Mining UK, mediating the panel discussions and networking with a number of industry leaders at the event. We gained some interesting insights from the audience as well on a range of current and important issues facing the industry today,” Jenniffer added.  

Mike Bower, Managing Director for Technical & Engineering recruitment at Search Global said: “I’m extremely proud of the team for their commitment and dedication throughout this endeavour.  Throughout the campaign, they have continued to set us apart as the international mining recruitment partner of choice.”

If you’re looking to further your management career across the Asia Pacific Region’s vibrant and exciting mining sector, you can connect with Nikitta Bellingham and Jenniffer Otero Fraga on LinkedIn, or contact the team on: globalmining@search.co.uk


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