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People matter to us at Search, so when the opportunity arose to partner with Turning Point Scotland, an organisation focused on the improving the lives of people with complex needs, it was an easy decision to make.

From the outset, Turning Point Scotland have dedicated themselves to supporting those in their communities facing the most complex and challenging situations. Their commitment to improving Scotland’s social care sector has been expressed in various ways from service provision, to leadership, to innovation. Search is excited to announce that we will be helping Turning Point Scotland steer in a new direction that will help them support social care providers in recruiting high quality new temporary staff and, in turn, further improve their level of service and excellent standard of service delivery.

Search achieves outstanding Care Inspectorate results

For some time, Turning Point Scotland had been looking at ways to make it easier and quicker for social care services to find temporary staff. The demands of finding temporary staff and contacting recruitment consultants was putting heavy pressure on employees and service delivery, not to mention budgets. A solution was needed, and to maintain standards, it was needed fast.

As we know all too well at Search, anything that makes staffing jobs that little bit easier for our clients can have a tremendous benefit in freeing up time and resources. It also provides greater consistency with the quality of temporary employees.

It is with great pride and excitement that as of 29th April 2019, Search will be entering into a new partnership with Turning Point Scotland. This collaboration will mean we can help Turning Point Scotland manage all of their temporary staffing requirements across all of their services. They are one of the first organisations in Scotland to embark on this master-vend approach in social care, and we are delighted to be at their side as they move forward.

There are many advantages of implementing a master-vend solution. The individuals who will be involved in the process, from requesting staff to managing and authorising timesheets, will benefit enormously from this new approach. The innovative use of ‘digital’ is supporting the delivery of the master-vend contract.

Some of the benefits will be:

They will be more efficient

  • Staff will be able to log all of their shift requirements from any device including their mobile phone. Once their requirement has been uploaded the vacancy will automatically be pushed out to Search and any 2nd Tier Supplier Agency to identify the very best talent for their shift requirements.

  • Having one point of contact staff can upload their requirements in a matter of 2 minutes. This cuts down the need to speak with lots of Recruitment Consultants. Importantly, Turning Point will have access to speak with Search Consultants when they prefer to do so.

  • A simplified and consistent process for ordering their staffing requirements which can only be placed once 100 percent of compliance requirements have been achieved. This consistency of staffing will support the provision of a high quality service.

  • All workers who have been pre-approved will be contacted first regarding any vacancies that they have which will in turn improve the candidate quality.

  • Once a staff booking is made then Search will fill the vacancy, working with any 2nd Tier Supply Agencies if appropriate, so that Turning Point Scotland managers do not have to worry and can be confident the shift will be covered.

  • Improved billing process. Once timesheets have been authorised this will become the approval required for invoices.

This alliance with Turning Point Scotland is a demonstration of our resolve to play a part in the enhancement of social care in Scotland and of our ability to unearth and recruit new talent.

Leadership and innovation have always sat at the heart of everything we do at Search and it’s the same for Turning Point Scotland. This partnership proves it.

To find out more about Search's healthcare recruitment services and how the team can help you manage your staffing requirements and workforce, you can contact the team in our Glasgow-based recruitment agency.