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By Chris Pritchard

Search Healthcare is proud to represent and source jobs for Social Workers throughout the UK. I recently sat down with Carmen, a Social Worker who has built up a portfolio of job experience with us as a newly qualified Social Worker.

In this blog, she outlines some of the challenges and rewards of her job in social work, and dispels a few myths about the profession along the way.

Building valuable experience as a newly-qualified Social Worker

Real talk, job opportunities for newly qualified Social Workers do not always present themselves immediately. Yes there are regular recruitment drives, but quite often the demand of many social work jobs  is such that post-qualifying experience is essential.

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Carmen reckons this shouldn’t deter newly-qualified Social Workers from pursuing jobs in the industry, saying, “Often the skills developed in non-qualified Social Worker jobs can prove to be very valuable in terms of building relevant skills and experience, which can then lead to securing an ideal career opportunity. I should know, I’ve experienced this first hand.”

How Carmen broke into the social work job market and developed her career

Carmen graduated as a Social Worker in 2015. Her motivations for exploring this career path came from her own personal experiences, which ultimately cemented her commitment to vulnerable adults and children.

Her values are such that overriding any particular desire to work in a specialist social work job is a genuine urge to work with, and improve the lives of, those she comes into contact with. “Social work is more than a job, it’s a vocation,” she says.

Carmen notes that practical experience during the social work degree is essential, saying, “Theory is great and provides us with the background knowledge, but every social work case on the job is different, and will have complexities that were not discussed at University.”

However, she believes she benefited from an inspirational practice educator, saying, “My first placement for practical job experience in social work was Youth Justice, which I loved. I was also placed in a job role as a School Social Worker, which was fascinating.”

“In a school with a high number of students under child protection, my job was to ensure that each individual case’s support and protection plans were upheld. Due to staffing issues, I ended up as the only Social Worker in the school, which definitely felt like I had been thrown in the deep end,” she continues.

After gaining valuable experience from her two social work job placements, Carmen decided it was time to move on from her job as a Child Protection Social Worker and expand to different roles in the wider Social Work arena. “I will always deeply admire Child Protection Social Workers, as they play such an important role in welfare, and often under very mentally and emotionally challenging conditions.”

A leap from child protection social work to family support worker jobs

Carmen initially registered with Search Healthcare for temporary social work jobs, and her degree and experience stood her in good stead to secure jobs as a Senior Family Support Worker on a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). “The biggest learning curve in this role was about thresholds, knowing when to escalate issues and understanding all the different agencies and contacts I could call on,” she recalls.

Support Worker Jobs

A Family Support Worker’s job is to manage a caseload of individual families, often as a result of a referral by social services, police, or education.  Working through a specific support plan, this job role involves aspects of social work but on a more intensive level; helping families through challenging circumstances by identification of needs and working together towards positive outcomes.

Often the first point of call for families, their work feeds back into the MASH for ongoing assessment. Working in job roles as a Family Support Worker is often an important step on the career ladder in social work, although it is not necessarily just a ‘stepping stone’ role.

Carmen says, “Working as a Family Support Worker really opened my eyes. The job role involved anything from picking a child up from a foster family, supervising contact as well as assisting Social Workers with visits. Often it is necessary to accompany Social Workers to validate everything that’s said at a meeting, and also provide support in what can be quite challenging environments.”

Jobs within Social Worker teams have given Carmen many opportunities to call on a wide range on skills. “I speak six different languages, including my native Romanian. So I was able to take on an assessment for a non English speaking girl who was a suspected victim of sex trafficking. Because I was able to speak to her directly, it helped the process.”

Career development in her job as a Social Worker

Having had a number of temporary Support Worker contracts and Social Work jobs, Carmen has been exposed to how different authorities operate, which means that every role has been diverse and insightful . “I like the flexibility and the opportunity to build experience. On my most recent contract alone I have worked in three different jobs in social work, and each one has taught me something new.”

With all the experience gained throughout both academia and post-graduation, Carmen secured a contract as a qualified Social Worker, at first for a specific project completing review assessments to manage a backlog.

Having never worked as an Adults' Social Worker before, she applied the same approach but read and re-read the Care Act (putting the vulnerable person’s wellbeing and needs at the forefront of safeguarding) and the Mental Capacity Act (concerned with decision making processes on behalf of adults who lack capacity to make decisions themselves).

Since then she has progressed into a level 3 Social Worker job, working directly in the hospital to ensure that referrals have a care plan once they are discharged. “Where possible we look for the least restrictive solution, allowing clients to remain in their own homes, either through direct payment or a care broker, though this isn’t always possible,” she says. In some cases she has to work with families and other agencies, including advocates working directly with the client, to agree a solution in their ‘best interest’.

Working in adult social work involves a different skill set: “Working with both children and vulnerable adults involves pressure, but in adult social work the focus is more in decisions coming from the service user,” she says.

Her current job role as an adult Social Worker has allowed Carmen to broaden her knowledge, and she has aspirations to progress into management, and combine both her social work experience and love of dogs to run a residential safe service for victims of domestic abuse and their pets. “Often a pet can be a reason not to leave an abusive relationship, and can also become victims themselves,” she says. Alarming statistics support the need for such a service and thanks to a portfolio of experience, she feels she has established a good foundation to develop her career in this direction.

Of Search Healthcare, Carmen is unequivocal in her belief that she has been provided with an exceptional service. “Madge (her consultant) in particular has been amazing. She has steered me through some very difficult decisions by listening patiently, providing brilliant career advice, and unwavering support. I owe a lot to her and her team- she’s a diamond.”

“I will continue to recommend her, and Search’s wider Healthcare team, to anyone looking for either qualified, new qualified, or unqualified jobs in social work”.

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