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On Tuesday the 12th of March, Search Consultancy’s Transport & Industrial division partnered with DWF to deliver their annual Transport Crisis Management Seminar in Liverpool.

The Tranport Crisis Management Seminar was attended by over 70 Directors and HR Representatives from across the North West’s logistics sector, who received industry insights from sector experts at DWF, I-PAYE and Road Safety Smart.

Download Transport Crisis Management Seminar

Talks at the Transport Crisis Management Seminar covered a range of important topics which currently impact the UK’s logistics sector, including accident management, regulatory Health & Safety Executive investigations, potential criminal prosecutions of drivers and companies, claims handling and updates to motor insurance, reforms to IR35 and the impact on agency workers, how the logistics sector can improve its reputation and what employers should do to prepare for a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

With the current deadline for the UK’s exit from the EU fast approaching on the 29th of March, Brexit was high on the agenda at this year’s Transport Crisis Management Seminar. Employers were given a comprehensive breakdown on what to consider in preparation for the possibility of a no deal Brexit. The session covered contingency planning, potential reforms to employment law, the rights of EU citizens and the potential impact to freedom of movement.

This year's Transport Crisis Management Seminar was well received by the attendees, with many saying the talks had provided clear insight into the potential outcomes of a no deal Brexit and equipping them with the knowledge to help them adapt to the industrial and legislative changes on the horizon.

Associate Director for Driving & Logistics, Lindsey Thompson said: “The dynamic nature of the transport and logistics sector requires employers to constantly adapt to fast-changing market conditions.”

“It is for these reasons that we continue to support our business partners with the specialist knowledge and insight needed to strategically weather the storms of political and economic uncertainty.

“It is my hope that through these annual Transport Crisis Management Seminars, we can continue to educate our clients on matters that concern them, and in doing so, continue to raise awareness around how their work processes, training schemes and legislation will evolve in the future,” she concluded.

You can download the full Transport Crisis Management presentation here