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The perks of recruitment are many, ranging from job satisfaction and variety, to excellent salaries and multiple avenues for career progression. But much like even the most loving of relationships, the role of a Recruitment Consultant can also be challenging - testing both patience and resilience. However, as an award-winning agency, our relationship with recruitment remains stronger than ever - spanning over 30 years to be exact!

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Through the highs of placements, bonuses and clear avenues for career progression, along with the lows of long hours, unpredictable personalities, and hard-to-reach sales targets, we at Search  wholeheartedly love the good, the bad and the ugly in recruitment. Read on to find out more about the perks of Recruitment, and why you should consider launching or developing your career with us. 

1. Recruitment perks include the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life

As a Recruitment Consultant, you won't be chained to your desk all day, but will instead have the opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting individuals from a range of diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

An important part of any recruitment job is meeting with clients to discuss the requirements they have, as well as attending events and networking to secure new business. Recruitment jobs also involve meeting with candidates to determine their suitability for a role. As a Recruitment Consultant, you could be sourcing for jobs anywhere from entry-level positions to industry leaders, which also opens you up to meeting a wide variety of people.

2. The perks of Recruitment include excellent salaries and bonuses

Recruitment is a sales-orientated industry, meaning the financial rewards that come with recruitment jobs can be very rewarding. As a result of meeting targets you will more than likely be rewarded with fantastic bonuses on top of an already good basic salary. In fact, our recruitment jobs here at Search give you the opportunity to earn a commission on every placement you make during your first six months of employment. 

3. Being a trusted advisor is one in many great perks of Recruitment  

As a Recruitment Consultant, you must be on hand to help candidates grow and develop as professionals in their field of expertise. This involves offering advice on anything from interview preparation to courses they can take to develop their skills. Furthermore, clients will also seek your advice in terms of growing their workforces with the right people, and Recruitment Consultants must facilitate this by recommending the best way to brand themselves as an employer and attract the right talent.

Because recruitment jobs require you to offer career advice and business development recommendations, the industry enables Recruitment Consultants to be a trusted advisors for both clients and candidates alike. 

4. In Recruitment, you will be rewarded for your hard work 

There's a lot of hard work that goes into recruitment, but the rewards are totally worth it! 

For instance, as a Recruitment Consultant at Search you can not only expect to receive significant financial rewards, but also a wealth of company incentives - from annual award ceremonies to quarterly high flyer events. Furthermore, Recruitment Consultants also experience the joy of knowing they played in active role in helping change someone’s life for the better. 

5. Recruitment jobs come with a wealth of career development opportunities

Provided you put the hard work and dedication into your recruitment job, and have the results to show for it, the sky is the limit when it comes to developing your career in the industry. Not to toot our own horn, but here at Search we actually recognise potential to succeed in recruitment jobs, and as such pride ourselves in the first class training we give to all our Recruitment Consultants across the business. 

Case in point, a number of our senior management team started out as consultants and have worked their way up through the ranks. If you have a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed in your recruitment jobs, then we will support you in climbing the career ladder.

6. Work hard, play hard - Another great perk of Recruitment

Real talk, recruitment jobs require you to be hard-working, focused, determined and passionate. However, with numerous networking opportunities, awards, client and candidate events, along with a strong bond with your team and peers, you will undoubtedly play just as hard as you work. Here at Search, we certainly live by the 'Work Hard, Play Hard' mantra. 

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