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If you’re on the hunt for your first job, or interested in kick-starting a brand new career, then we have great news for you. Trailblazers is a trainee programme to develop, train and support the next generation of smart meter fitters embraced by Search Energy, in conjunction with global powerhouse, Siemens.

These smart meter installation traineeships will give individuals the opportunity to become qualified Smart Meter Fitters as they work across a number of Siemens jobs on a contract basis.

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What’s more, is that candidates do not need any prior experience to be considered for these smart meter fitter traineeships. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will receive a nationally recognised qualification, which will, in turn, open the door to a wealth of opportunities across the UK’s energy and utility scene, a thriving and sustainable sector.

Callum Hack, now a qualified Dual Fuel Meter Engineer who completed the Trailblazers smart meter engineering traineeship whilst gaining practical, hands-on experience through completing jobs on a Siemens contract in 2017, shares some of the reasons why you should train to become a Duel Fuel Meter Fitter through Search Energy’s Trailblazers programme.

But first, what do Trailblazers smart meter engineering Traineeships entail?

Working on contract comprising trainee smart meter fitter jobs across Siemens, your role will be to install dual fuel meters into residential properties. This is part of a government-led initiative to create more energy-efficient homes across the UK.

Through working in smart meter engineering jobs as part of the Siemens contract, not only will you gain a much sought-after qualification, you will also be contributing to a greener environment. Furthermore, you will be installing the kit that guarantees people save big money on their energy bills.

Adopted in 2016 by Search Energy, the Trailblazers programme offers smart meter engineering traineeships to train individuals to develop the relevant skills needed to become Dual Fuel Meter Engineers. Over the course of two years, over 200 trainees underwent smart meter installation training up until the end of 2018, completed the smart meter engineering traineeships on the Siemens contract, and have since gone on to become successful Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineers.

Read our top three reasons why you should pursue our Trailblazers Trainee programme and become a Dual Fuel Meter Engineer, and potentially progress to a wide range of jobs across Siemens:

1. Trailblazers smart meter engineering traineeships give individuals the opportunity to earn great starting salaries

Your trainee journey starts with a year-long smart meter engineering traineeship as you gain practical experience by undertaking an array of Siemens jobs within the smart meter engineering space.

You will earn the equivalent annual salary of £17,500 in weeks 1 to 19, which will increase to £19,000 for the remaining weeks of the 12-month period. Once you pass the final assessment of the Trailblazers smart meter engineering traineeship, you will become fully qualified with a highly sought-after qualification, a career for life and a salary in excess of £31,000-£33,000 per year.

Callum says, “Trailblazers has certainly given me more opportunities to progress and earn a better salary then I did before becoming a qualified Dual Fuel Meter Fitter. I’ve seen the knock-on effect in my personal life as well, to the point where my partner and I are now climbing the property ladder with our own mortgage. I'm only 23."

2. No prior experience or qualifications required to enroll on Traiblazers smart meter engineering traineeship

Of the hundreds of Smart Meter fitters who underwent Trailblazers training and successfully completed the smart meter engineering traineeships, the majority of them had no prior experience within the energy sector. Since graduation, they have not only a steady stream of contracts and permanent employment with Search Energy, but are now earning significantly higher salaries than they would have otherwise been earning had they not undergone the Trailblazers traineeship.

3. Trailblazers smart meter traineeships open doors to progress to a wide range of engineering jobs across the UK’s sustainable Energy & Utilities sector 

Through completing the Trailblazers smart meter engineering traineeships, individuals will not only become qualified Smart Meter fitters, but also have the opportunity to build a long-term career in the UK’s Energy & Utilities sector, and increase their chance of working across a wide range of engineering jobs.

I can certainly see myself staying with Search Energy and, provided I prove myself and opportunities present themselves as a result, Siemens. Over the next 10 years I aim to continue developing my skills so that I can expand my skillset across various engineering jobs and progress through the ranks to managerial level and beyond,” says Callum.

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If you’re looking to turn a new leaf in your career, then why not apply to our Trailblazers smart meter engineering traineeships? Not only will you have a fair shot at becoming a qualified Smart Meter Installer, but you could potentially develop your career further and work across a wide range of engineering jobs within the UK’s sustainable Energy & Utilities sector.

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