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Search Consultancy will be tackling the shortage of women in tech through continuous support of Cyber Girls First events across the UK. Following a series of successful Cyber Girls First events across London and Cardiff, the first event of 2019 will be hosted in Manchester.

Cyber Girls First was founded in 2015 with the aim to tackle the shortage of women in tech by dispelling the misconception that only boys can succeed in the sector. As such, the organisation continues to raise awareness around the wealth of opportunities a career in tech has to offer, as well as the vast range of UK businesses aiming to recruit women into their cyber departments.

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On Thursday the 7th of February, Search Consultancy, along with Fieldfisher and JP Morgan will sponsor Cyber Girls First in delivering their first tech workshop to school girls at the Friends’ Meeting House in Manchester.

Following Search Consultancy’s Women in Tech report and series of Tech Smart events across Scotland last year, the leading recruitment agency is delighted to support Cyber Girls First in addressing female students between the ages of 11 and 14 from local schools across Greater Manchester, encouraging them to pursue tech both as of their GCSE studies and a career.

Local schools will be invited to bring school girls for an insightful day of learning, which will involve an array of talks and activities focused around IT, coding, and cyber security. Students will then be given the opportunity to meet and direct their questions to female role models who have held senior positions within these fields of expertise.

School girls will also gain insight from key players within the industry, including the Titan Police organised crime unit tackling online criminal activities. In addition, students will take part in some roundtable discussions to further understand cyber security and its importance and relevance to the digital landscape.

Pat Ryan, Founder of Cyber Girls First said: “I’m delighted that Search, Fieldfisher and JP Morgan will be supporting us to deliver the first of what I’m sure will be many Cyber Girls First events in Manchester.”

“Having grown up during the Cold War and worked in associated fields, I have first hand experience with gender discrimination and the subsequent shortage of women in IT roles. It was for this reason that I founded Cyber Girls First to provide a safe space for girls to gain insight into the UK’s tech sector and apply to learn the necessary skills to succeed on a professional level.”

“Through these events, we hope to encourage girls to take up these subjects before they reach the age when they have to choose their two-year GCSE courses.”

Jay Wetterau, Head of Inclusiveness and Diversity at Fieldfisher added: “History has shown us time and again how a lack of diversity restricts innovation across all sectors. In the tech industry, where innovation is the key to survival, diversity of knowledge and ideas is paramount to success. I’m delighted to support Cyber Girls First as they continue to level the playing field by creating the female cyber leaders of tomorrow.”

Kate McClorey, Managing Director for tech recruitment at Search Consultancy said: “While the industry has certainly taken great strides towards levelling the playing field, with many companies rolling out gender targets and initiatives, the reality is that we still see a shortage of women with the relevant skills to work within various tech roles.”

“Targeting girls at grassroots level and encouraging them to pursue tech as a career is just one of many ways that we can promote equal representation across the sector, and I’m proud to support Cyber Girls First in the tremendous work they’re doing in this regard,” she concluded.

If you represent a school and are interested in bringing some school girls along to the event, you can contact Pat Ryan on pat.ryan@cybergirlsfirst.com