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Let’s face it, recruitment jobs require dedication, resilience and drive in order to smash targets and benefit financially. However, many recruitment agencies forget the importance of supporting their recruitment consultants in terms of career development and overall wellbeing, leading to high staff turnover rates as a result.

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While there is certainly a wealth of recruitment jobs on the market, many of our recruitment consultants who previously left Search for pastures anew have returned! “Why is that?" you may ask. Read on to find out!

1. More than just recruitment jobs - we support the wellbeing of our Recruitment Consultants

The best recruitment jobs can be found in agencies which invest in their people, and at Search we certainly do whatever we can to not only support the career development of our recruitment consultants, but their overall wellbeing as well. This is one of the main reasons why Tom Machell, Recruitment Consultant at Search Professional Services, returned to Search, “In a nutshell, Search is a great place to work. Unlike many profit-hungry, 100 percent target-driven recruitment agencies, recruitment consultants at Search are genuinely treated with respect and the working environment reflects this.”

2. Our recruitment jobs come with clear avenues for career progression

Recruitment jobs with clear avenues for career progression are those which not only attract the best of the best, but also motivate recruitment consultants to keep at it. There are many ways in which Search actively supports career development, from a rewarding bonus structure for recruitment consultants, to regular incentives for support staff.

Of course, excellent training comes with the risk of employees leaving to pastures anew, as was the case with Gary Johnstone, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Search Technology & Transformation. He recalls, “From the onset, Search actively supported my career development in the workplace through world class training and recognition for my achievements. This in turn gave me the confidence to branch out and set up my own recruitment company.”

However, our exceptional leaders at Search also recognise how important it is to train our people well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough so they choose to stay. Our continuous application of this principal is precisely why Gary returned to Search five years after he left. “When I decided to return to an established recruitment business, I knew first-hand that Search would continue to nurture my existing talents whilst supporting my career progression,” he says.

3. More than just recruitment jobs, we live up to our core values

When talking about company values, many recruitment agencies may toss around a number of buzzwords like community, respect, and integrity, only to slide right back into traditional habits and practices which don’t always align with those words. At Search, we challenge ourselves to dig deeper than simply identifying our business’s core values, and actually live by them.

As Ellie Wilson, Regional Account Manager at Search Energy Division says, “Although I left Search twice – first to pursue a university degree and then to travel – what kept me coming back was my first-hand experience with how much Search as a business actively lives by its core values. As a result, everyone within Search enjoys a great team atmosphere which boosts the level of happiness and fulfilment at work.”

4. Our continuous growth means we have a wealth of recruitment jobs throughout the UK

Search is a recruitment agency that is continuously growing and evolving to meet the needs of businesses throughout the UK, which has resulted in a wealth of recruitment jobs. Our continuous growth as a business undoubtedly creates new and varied opportunities for professional development and claiming ownership of new and exciting business ventures.

Viv Blake, Managing Consultant at Search HR who originally joined Search back in 2003, notes how much Search has grown over the years. “Search is undoubtedly among the recruitment agencies continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing demand in the market. There is a never a dull moment as far as your career is concerned because the continuous growth of the business provides many opportunities to diversify your role and learn new skills along the way.”

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