How to beat the post-holiday blues on the job

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Need a bit of extra motivation to dive into your job following the festive season? Get started with our handy back-to-work guide to help you beat the post-holiday blues…

Christmas and New Years Eve have come and gone in a flurry of family gatherings, feasting, fireworks and cocktails, leaving you frantically stumbling about in a dark and frosty abyss where all that can be heard is the screech of your morning alarm. 

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But before you say a prayer for the earth to swallow you whole, read our five steps to help you get back into the swing of work in your first few weeks back at the office.

1. Listen to your natural rhythms when tackling your jobs

We get it, returning to an avalanche of jobs after some time away is tough, and every-day molehills may very well seem like mountains. Although the mantra ‘Fake it till you make it’ may echo throughout seemingly every podcast and Ted talk you tune into during your first commute back to the office, you should never put too much pressure on yourself to perform at an optimal level from day one. 

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Listen to your body and keep challenging tasks for moments of the day where you feel more energetic and on your game. For example, if you’re a morning person, tackle that big project over a steaming mug of coffee, and leave email responses for the post-lunch slump. 

2. Step away from the jobs to catch up with your office BFF over lunch

Nothing breaks up a seemingly never-ending day back at work like popping out for lunch with your work bestie! Chances are you’re both probably broke, so pick somewhere cheap and cheerful, or take your packed lunches to a coffee shop (cheeky we know) and swap Christmas horror stories. 

3. When the jobs pile on, remember to be kind to yourself

While your office desk may be far removed from the comfort of your warm bed, little treats such as a mug of hot chocolate or an upbeat playlist will help you ease your way back into the hustle and bustle of your jobs at the office. If you feel anxious or on edge for any reason, take a break from the work environment for a moment and wait until you are totally calm before working on a task.  Whatever you do, avoid making phone calls or sending emails if you feel upset for any reason at all, as this may leave you needing to repair a broken relationship further down the line. 

4. Start planning for the fun stuff you'll be doing over the next 12 months

Although work can seem like hell on earth after a period of blissfully doing sweet nothing, your first week back at the office will be a lot easier to cope with if you have something fun to look forward to. Call up one of your mates who you didn’t have a chance to see over the festive season, and plan a Saturday night catch up over wine and nibbles. You could also start mapping out your holiday itinerary for the year, and inspire yourself with images of all the exotic new destinations you plan to visit.

5. Redefine your role in the workplace

As part of your New Year’s resolutions, why not aim to enrol in a new skill development course, or look for ways to redefine your role within the workplace? Learning new skills and refreshing your operational activities will work wonders in giving you that sense of fulfilment in your career. Before you know it, you’ll be smashing those targets and charging into the new year with renewed focus, drive and passion!

And if all else fails, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself…

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