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With the run up to Christmas bringing on a host of targets and deadlines, we share our top tips to tackle your Office Manager jobs. 

The festive season is all around us and there’s no escaping the merriment that comes with it. Jingle bells ring, windows twinkle with Christmas lights and the air is aromatic with the scent of mulled wine and mince pies from surrounding Christmas markets. But there’s more to the season than being jolly and shopping for an outfit to turn heads at the office Christmas party.

As we approach the new year, businesses throughout the country are inundated with an avalanche of targets and deadlines, leaving office managers with a mountain of office manager jobs on their hands. We list our top five tips to help you, as an office manager, manage both the Christmas office party and staff in the run up to the holidays.

Top tips to manage the office Christmas party, employees and targets before close of business


Be flexible with work schedules

Real talk, office manager jobs are often doubled, if not tripled in the run up to Christmas. Although it may not seem like it on the surface, flexibility with working hours over the festive period is not only possible, but vital for keeping your employees’ spirits up! Implement a strategy whereby an early arrival time or completion of daily deadlines permits employees to nip out for some urgent Christmas shopping before the rush of traffic. Within reason, you could also allow employees to work from home.

Incentivise your team to help you complete your office manager jobs 

Christmas is admittedly a time where expectations are high, but not all companies can afford to offer fat bonuses. That being said, there are still plenty of ways to inspire your employees without breaking the bank. Better still, such incentives can also push your team to deliver results at an optimal level. For example, you could reward the employee who exceeds their target with a Christmas shopping voucher, or give a bottle (or two) of bubbly to the team with the best overall performance.

Organise an office Christmas party 

Never underestimate the joy of the Christmas office party, and organise a fun and festive company social to make your staff feel valued and appreciated. Remember that an office Christmas party is also an excellent opportunity for managers to gain insight into the dynamics of their team by seeing how staff members feel about each other, what irks them, or what inspires them. The office Christmas party is not only a great opportunity for employees to let their hair down and eat, drink and be merry, but also to celebrate the results of all the hard work you and your colleagues have put in over the course of the year.

In addition to the office Christmas party, ensure everyone celebrates by partaking in the gift of giving

Remember that the festive season is not just about the office Christmas party, and put everything into perspective by organising charity-initiatives for employees to participate in. An excellent example of this is our One Day initiative, whereby everyone across the business is given the opportunity to apply for one day's paid leave which can be spent volunteering at a registered charity of choice. There is a certain joy that comes with giving, and the perk of winning a day off will certainly motivate employees to contribute.

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