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From the 18th to the 19th of September, Search Consultancy partnered with Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), Red Lotus Consulting LLC and sponsors Nuo Workplace, to deliver an extensive, two-day mental health first aid course in their Manchester office.

Statistics by the Centre for Mental Health show that mental health problems at work cost UK economy £34.9bn last year. This means that mental health problems cost £1,300 for every employee in the UK economy. Poor mental health affects 50 percent of all employees, according to a survey of 44,000 people carried out by the mental health charity Mind. However, only half of those who had experienced problems with stress, anxiety or low mood had talked to their employer about it.

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Throughout the duration course, Search representatives and clients had the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of mental health and the issues surrounding mental wellbeing in the workplace. Attendees where also equipped with the practical skills and techniques necessary to spot the signs and triggers of ill mental health, as well as a Mental Health First Aid manual to reference going forward.

Following a nationwide series of mental health seminars last year, this is the latest of many initiatives facilitated and supported by Search Consultancy’s Marketing and HR teams to demonstrate the agency’s commitment to raising awareness around the significance of mental health throughout the business community.

Paul Boothroyd, Regional HR Business Partner at Search Consultancy who achieved the MHFA qualification said: “Recent years have increasingly directed the spotlight towards mental health in the workplace. As such, many employers are beginning to recognise the importance of both promoting mental wellbeing and creating a culture of acceptance for employees who may be struggling.”

“Although recent analysis continues to expose the scale of mental health issues among the UK workforce, showing increased numbers of cases, the good news is that the narrative around the issue is changing. Therefore, individuals are more likely to reach out for assistance when they need it, as is reflective in the data.”

“It is through this insight, combined with the knowledge and resources provided by the MHFA, that we as human resource managers are better able to support employees across businesses in ensuring their mental health challenges are addressed and supported,” he concluded.

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