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In 2016, our Energy recruitment division – in partnership with the Universal Skills Academy and Siemens – launched Trailblazers, an apprenticeship programme which trains individuals to become smart meter engineers. Over the past two years, the programme has had a tremendous impact on the industry, and will be recognised at this year's Energy & Utlilites Apprentice celebration at the House of Lords on the 30th of October. 

We catch up Callum Hack, our Trailblazers graduate and now a qualified member of the smart meter engineering workforce to find out more about his experiences with the programme. 

What made you join Trailblazers?

I joined Trailblazers to get a second shot at pursuing a successful and fulfilling career path. It’s not uncommon that people realise they want to change course in their careers, and many will return to university for this reason. For me personally however, the opportunity to earn whilst learning and developing the skills needed for the role seemed like a much more inviting option.

How has Trailblazers transformed your life?

Well for a start, I have significantly more opportunities to progress and earn a better salary then I did previously. The professional opportunities which have emerged as a result of the programme have spilled over into my personal life as well – to the point where my partner and I have managed to get on the property ladder and now have our own mortgage.…and I’m only 23!

What would be your advice to jobseekers who have either just entered the job market, or perhaps feel disilusioned with their current role?

Apply for an apprenticeship – and if engineering is your thing, apply for Trailblazers! I can say with absolute certainty that this programme has 100% transformed my life for the better in more ways then one, and it will do the same for you. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what age you are – if you have the hunger to learn and grow on a professional level, you’re halfway through the door.

Now that you're a qualified Smart Meter Engineer, what's next?

I can certainly see myself staying with Search Energy and, provided I prove myself and opportunities present themselves as a result, Siemens. Over the next 10 years I aim to continue developing my skills so that I can progress through the ranks to managerial level and beyond!

To find out more about our Trailblazers apprenticeship programme, and if you would like to sign up, you can contact our Associate Director for Energy recruitment, Paul Mumford on: 0161 835 8665 or email paul.mumford@search.co.uk

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