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By Catherine Yates

When I began my career in Social Care and housing, I soon learned that change is inevitable. The second (and in my opinion the most important) lesson I learned when navigating through a diverse range of social care jobs, is that adaptability, development and continuous learning are the keys to getting the most out of a career in social care.

Diversity in Social Care jobs and adapting in an ever-changing sector

The Social Care and housing landscape is primarily impacted by fluctuations in the UK’s economy, and is therefore subjected to change brought about by electoral cycles, with different governments prioritising funding in different areas. I myself specialised in a diverse range of social care jobs and social work projects throughout my career – each providing me with the opportunity to further develop my skills and knowledge.

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For example, when Tony Blair rolled out the Respect Agenda in 2005, aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour in communities, I had to be flexible in my skill development, and ensure my knowledge of policies and regulations remained up to date throughout in order to fulfil the aims of the campaign. Much of what we did, from issuing dispersal orders to acceptable behaviour contracts, was entirely new and involved a lot of learning on the job. This certainly set up me for the next big policy change that would inevitably follow.

In an ever-changing Social Care sector, one thing remains constant - the demand for talent

This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge in the sector, and certainly the main reason why I decided to apply my market knowledge and understanding of the necessary transferrable skills to recruitment on behalf of organisations across the Social Care arena.

While it can sometimes be confusing to navigate through the diverse range of social care jobs, my extensive background within the sector also enables me to act as an advisor to individuals who pursue a career in social care, supporting them in their career development and continuous learning to ensure their skills and knowledge align with current legislation and demands.

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I joined Search Consultancy’s Social Care division in Manchester two years ago. Because market demands change, different projects will crop up, often for fixed periods of time, which need large volumes of people to meet the demand. Therefore, we primarily seek out temporary employees to meet these requirements.

As a temporary specialist social care worker, you will be first in line for exciting opportunities in the vanguard of new initiatives where you can not only use past experience from other roles across the sector, but also develop new skills and knowledge to support your next career role. Below are just some of the many social care roles we recruit for:

  • Homeless Assessment Officers

  • Housing Options Officers

  • Family Support Workers

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisors

  • Housing Support Workers

  • Housing Officers

I constantly keep eyes and ears open for both my clients and candidates to ensure that whenever a new scheme or programme is to be rolled out by the government, I have a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands. I work with our qualified social work and support worker consultants to harness experience and skills from our wider workforce too. 

Navigating through Social Care jobs and why you should choose Search Healthcare

Working in social care means that you’ll be continuously growing and evolving in your career, leaving you with not much time to feel stagnant or unfulfilled. Our recruitment team in Manchester is a hive of activity at the moment, partnering with a number of organisations with diverse projects resulting in a wide range of different social care jobs.

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Whether you’re looking for Homelessness Assessment jobs or Housing Support Worker jobs,   we continue to reach out to candidates with experience in homelessness to support the Housing First Initiative. Just as we did for family support workers in the launch of the troubled families programme following the 2011 riots; with both initiatives requiring a great deal of people, yet slightly different sets of knowledge and skills.

Are you experienced in Social Care, and looking to make your next move? If so, here are just a few of many areas we specialise in – each providing you with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable:

  • Work with offenders

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • Vulnerable family support

  • Homelessness

  • Substance abuse

  • Mental health

  • Excluded communities

  • Leaving care

Whether you’re on the hunt for Housing Officer jobs or Family Support Worker Jobs, my team and I will have you covered. If you would like to find out more about the wide range of social care jobs we recruit for, why not give us a call and find out how you can make your mark within this sector. You can contact me on:

Phone: 0161 835 8653

Email: catherine.yates@search.co.uk