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So you've gone through sleepless nights of studying and wrote out your exams with sweaty palms. Now that the agonising wait over and done with, your results are finally in! You eagerly grab your slip, but to your dismay find out that you have not made the grade to enter your university of choice, or pursue the degree you want. But does this really mean death to the hope of landing your dream job?

Real talk, nobody has their life figured out when they finish school,. There are many successful individuals who only realised their career aspirations later on in life, and went through some unconventional means to reach a point where they now feel proud of their careers. 

We catch up with two of our exceptional recruitment specialists here at Search Consultancy, to find out why it's never too late to find the right career for you.

Sam Barrett, Recruitment Consultant at Search Scientific

Whilst in school and through my exams, I hoped to become a Veterinary Surgeon someday. However, that dream was crushed I when I was unsuccessful in making the grades required to pursue a career in that field.

I decided to pursue a Bachelors degree in Natural Sciences, and was accepted into Trinity College in Dublin. After graduating, I freelanced as a ghost-writer for multiple clients throughout the course of over two years. I then went on to publish my own science fiction novel, Underbelly, which reached top 200 on Amazon in the Science Fantasy genre after just a few days. This is an achievement I am tremendously proud of, and certainly never imagined would be possible prior to taking my exams.

I now specialise in scientific recruitment, a career which both fulfils me and makes me proud. It just goes to show that everything happens for a reason, even if it may not seem like it at first. Just look at JK Rowling - a true rags to riches story in how she went from being a single mother in welfare to one of the world’s best loved authors. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to realise what your true vocation is!

Chris Casey, Divisional Manager at Search Health & Social Care

While I’ve certainly reached a point in life where I can say I’m proud of professional achievements, my journey was certainly no walk in the park. My grades weren’t great upon finishing school, yet I somehow secured a spot at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I planned to pursue History degree and ultimately go on to become a teacher.

Well, let’s just say that did not go according to plan. Due to the financial stress over student loans and debt, I dropped out of university and decided to dive straight into the world of work. Fortunately for me, I had a friend who was working within Search at the time, who recommended that I apply for a position. I initially joined as a temp in the Support department, and in 2004 I transferred to the role of Resourcer for the Health & Social Care division. Since then, I have worked my way through the ranks to the position of Divisional Manager.

My advice to those starting out would be to go with your gut. There is so much outside pressure to pursue the academic route, and while that’s all good and well for many people who go on to find themselves in successful careers as a result, it is not the be all and end all as far as your professional opportunities are concerned.

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