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The road through school and onward to the world of work can be a bumpy one, making your journey riddled with uncertainty, stress and self doubt. First off, don’t panic…nobody has their life figured out at your age.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that there is not just one path to achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Take Cheryl Cole for instance - a woman of many surnames but not many certificates, who went on to become a pop star, X-Factor judge and the face of L’Oreal despite having left school without any GCSEs!

If you’re disappointed by your exam results, read about the range of alternative options you can pursue to achieve your career goals. 

So you didn't make it to your university of choice - now what?

According to young people's careers magazine Future, 54 percent of graduates say they’d think again about choosing university as the best way to find a job. If you feel disappointed by your exam results or don’t quite fancy the idea of dedicating three more years of your life to university, don’t worry. There are alternative ways to ways to fulfil your professional potential, and it's worth mentioning that what you want to be when you grow up may not turn out to be what you expected should you actually reach and achieve that goal. 

A great way to introduce yourself into the working world, is through working on a temporary basis for multiple companies. Temping is an ideal opportunity to try out new industries, new roles, new colleagues and new locations, to see what floats our boat. An additional bonus to this route is that you will also earn an income as you continue to figure out which professional path to pursue on a long term basis. 

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You could also look into pursuing an apprenticeship, which is another great opportunity to earn as you learn. Many companies will take on school leavers to train through apprenticeships. The likelihood is that if a company offers you the opportunity to train with them, they will value you as an individual and hope you’ll stay with them after you complete your training and apprenticeship. 

Or, read on to find out which jobs you can get without a degree:

1. Recruitment Manager

Starting point: Recruitment Consultant

As our exceptional Recruitment Managers and Consultants will testify, there are many avenues to break into the fast-paced and exciting world of recruitment. You won’t necessarily need a degree to become a Recruitment Consultant. However, a specific qualification like the HR & Recruitment Consultant CPD course or the Recruitment Consultant course may help you get started, and previous sales or account management experience would be a definite plus. Furthermore, we’d love to hear from you if recruitment has sparked your interest, and our comprehensive Springboardwill certainly bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about this industry!

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2. Customer Services Manager

Starting point: Customer Services Advisor

The call centre industry is largely candidate-driven, which means that it is fairly easy for individuals to join the sector without having any formal qualifications or a great deal of experience beforehand. Once you have your foot through the door, you’ll find that many call centres offer comprehensive training schemes and apprenticeships which not only allows you to settle into your role, but ultimately progress to a managerial positon should you choose to pursue that objective.

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3. Head Chef

Starting point: Commis Chef

Given the shortage of chefs within the UK, it is relatively easy to land an entry level position in a restaurant kitchen. Many successful chefs start their careers at commis level, with no formal qualifications or experience beforehand. However, as part of the food safety requirements in any food handling workplace, a Food Hygiene Certificate (such as the CIEH Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene) will be ideal to fulfil your on-the-job training. Think of the kitchen brigade system as a four-step ladder for career progression. You can enter the industry as a Commis chef, and progress to chef de partie, to sous chef and eventually to head chef.

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4. Registered Nurse

Starting point: Clinical Support Worker

Clinical support roles offer an ideal entry route to many careers in healthcare, especially for people with commitment and enthusiasm rather than academic qualifications. In fact, “Only about 50 percent of jobs in the National Health Service require a degree,” says Sue Hughes, an adviser with the NHS. Clinical support roles offer an ideal entry route to many careers in healthcare, especially for people with commitment and enthusiasm rather than academic qualifications. If you’re aiming to become a registered healthcare professional, such as a nurse, midwife, physiotherapist or radiographer, securing a job in clinical support can give you the experience you need to apply for training and progress.

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