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We all get a little nervous when faced with an interview, but well done for getting this far. Of possibly hundreds of applicants, you have made it to the final stage of the application process. That in itself is enough to be able to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. However, there is still the interview itself to be completed, and the anxiety of waiting for it can be worse than the interview itself. Take a deep breath, relax, and think about what you may want to say – and what you don’t.

Some of us can neglect to consider the kind of things that an employer may not want to hear in our interview answers. Sometimes our worst interview moments can be put down simply to nerves that make us unable to think clearly. Having an idea of what not to say during your interview, however, could help you to secure your dream job. So what are the phrases you should banish to the recycling bin before your interview?

“I’m very nervous.”


Everyone is allowed to have a degree of nervousness, that is a given when having an interview. Speaking this out to an employer, however, could have a more negative impact on your chances for employment than expected. For positions that require a lot of confidence, such as roles in hospitality and customer service, employers will be looking for people who exude confidence. A shy, nervous person who struggles with the interview will be displaying traits that they are not looking to have in the position. Take another deep breath, think about your answer, and remember: it’s only a conversation, not a gold medal race.

 “I hated my last boss.”


Saying anything negative about your previous job makes you look worse than your previous employer. You must remember that even if the relationship was rocky, you should stay professional and positive throughout the interview. Discussing a difficult boss can give the impression that you may be the difficult one to work with, so refrain as much as possible and instead focus on what they taught you in your previous job, and remember that they did give you a job in the first place. Be grateful for that and appreciate the time spent working.

“What does your company do?”

If there is one way to make an employer question taking you on for the job, it is a lack of research. Smaller businesses may be more lenient if they are newer and have less information available. However, most employers will expect you to at least go through their website and find out more about them. Research your potential workplace and it will reap plenty of rewards in the interview. Even if they do not ask you to tell them what you know about the company, you will be able to form some questions relating to the business from what you have learned. Surprise them and make a lasting impression.

“I have no flaws.”


Everybody has flaws. Trying to be a perfectionist in an interview won’t really get you far. Your prospective employers want you to address where your faults are, and what you have been doing to improve them. Demonstrate you are a keen learner who wants to improve through working with them. Just don’t sound too negative. You still want them to like you!

“Questions? No, I think I know it all.”

Always leave yourself room to ask at least one question at the end of your interview. Even if you have understood everything, draw a good question to the floor. Ask the interviewer about their experience with the company, for example, and see how much they have learned. They may enjoy hearing that you want to know more about them and the business.

Think Before You Speak

Your interview will go great if you remember to keep your mind free of these more negative phrases. Be confident, show your skills off and answer politely. You should have a positive outlook throughout the interview. Each interview is more experience gained, so don’t worry about your performance should it go wrong. There are other jobs out there and we will help you every step of the way towards finding the perfect job.

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