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When you are searching for a new job and sending CVs to employers, hiring managers, and recruiters you need to make sure that your CV or resume is presenting you in the most professional manner possible. The ways companies recruit new employees and their requirements are constantly changing and these changes are also reflected on the way people structure and design their CVs. Every year brings new trends and as a result job seekers need to continuously adapt to these. To help all our candidates stay up to date with these changes, we've created a list of the top trends in CV writing for 2018.

1. Tell your story effectively

Make sure that you use every word in your CV effectively and adopt a clear structure. Use headings and bold subtitles to stress on the key information you want to communicate. These points are of key importance for people who just scan or skim read you CV. Provide extra detail and explanations, in addition to the points in bold, for people who want to know more. Use short sentences to communicate key achievements and facts you do not want your potential employer to miss.

2. Edit, edit and edit

Another trend in CV writing for 2018 is to create a master CV or resume and then go back and edit it until you have a good draft. Then you go back to it and cut it again. This is extremely important for your success. Remove all irrelevant information and focus only on the most important and relevant facts. Keep the discarded information in a separate file in case you need it in the future. Try to make everything short and concise. 

3.Write for busy people

A recruiter or employer spends between 30 seconds and two minutes on your CV. That is why you need to make it concise and informative, so that even when it is skim-read it conveys your message. The previous two trends can help you in this task. Use a clear structure, heading and bold subtitles and remove everything irrelevant. Start with your brand statement, which tells the employer why they should be interested in hiring you and what you can bring to the company. Do not use a long profile or career summary. Instead use a brand statement - who you are and what you want. Focus on using effective, factual statements.

4.Use of visuals

Using visuals to present your achievements is a growing trend in CVs. As visual information is transmitted much faster in the brain many people have started using graphs, charts and other visual presentations in order to get the attention of potential employers. This is particularly the case with people looking for design jobs who use their CVs as portfolios. If you want to use visuals to make your CV stand out, we recommend being very careful with the design you choose. Try to keep it professional and informative, even if you add colour and infographics. And remember that not everyone has a positive attitude towards infographic CVs!

5. Outline the results of your actions

When you want your CV to stand out you should always discuss the results of your actions and your contribution to the company or companies you have worked for in the past. Show that your work led to actual results and made a real difference. Try to provide quantitative data to support your statements. This could include number of sales you made, resulting revenue or savings for the company and so on.

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