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Much like footballers, recruiters must also be focused, driven and collaborative in order to knock out the competition and achieve the end result.

In this blog, our very own Ewan Moyes shares his top five recruitment lessons that he learned from the beautiful game. 

1. Work as a team

The first (and arguably the most important) recruitment lesson that Ewan learned was the importance of working together as a team. “Although you certainly get prominent football stars, the fact remains that they are nothing without their team. The same applies to recruitment, and you have to work as a team if you want to be successful in your career. You have to communicate with your teammates, and collaborate to generate business leads for each other. Furthermore, you should never shy away from confiding in your team leader when you are unsure about something, and help others in areas where they may be struggling.”

2. Don't let a loss discourage you

The saying ‘You win some and you lose some’ applies just as much to business as it does to sports. Ewan is philosophical when it comes to losing matches, and is a firm believer in not allowing a defeat to deter you from achieving long-term goals. “Much like with football, it’s impossible to seal every deal in recruitment. I often go through a stage-by-stage process following a disappointment – regret, responsibility, resolution and refocus. Rather then wallow in negativity, it’s important to use setbacks as an opportunity to grow – whether that be through changing your strategy or committing yourself to further training in certain areas,” he advises.

3. Continuously train and develop new skills

The best way to achieve success in recruitment is to keep your mind open to learning and growing within your field. “Many recruiters grow complacent and feel that they have learned everything that there is to know about the industry, when the reality is that there is always something new that you may not know,” Ewan says, continuing, “The most successful football teams dedicate their time and efforts towards practice and training, and recruiters should aim to do the same if they wish to enjoy a long and successful career in the industry.” He shares his top tip for doing just that, saying, “As a construction consultant, I do my best to go the extra mile in educating myself about the latest news, trends and concerns that may be impacting my market. The internet is a gift that keeps on giving in terms of market research, so it is an excellent resource to use.”

4. Don't let competitors discourage you

Lets face it, when England entered this year's World Cup, the expectation for them to make it past the group stage, let alone to the semi finals, was slim. "But look where they are now, against all odds, and despite many of the favourites having been knocked out of the competition. This is a good example of how recruiters shouldn’t let competitors discourage them. Use the competition to drive you to perform better, and give it all you got!”

5. Maintain focus on long-term goals

Football managers continuously re-evaluate their strategies and reposition players in order for them to test out their skills, and the same should apply to recruitment. “All the best teams switch up their strategy to counter the competition, and as such it’s important to keep a close eye on rival organisations and continuously evaluate and improve your recruitment strategies!” He says. In any sport, it’s not about one game, but an entire season or tournament. For this reason, coaches often have a long-term goal to achieve. “While it can sometimes be difficult to see the end result and use it to motivate you, the reality is that Rome was not built in a day. One trick that really works for me is to have a vision board on my desk with everything I consider a long-term goal – whether it be a new house, a holiday destination or a potential promotion. The great thing about recruitment is that there are plenty of progressive goals to aim for, which ultimately keep you motivated to succeed.”

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