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Getting to the interview stage of the job application process is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do when looking for a job. You can potentially go through hundreds of job application forms and CV submissions before, finally, the right employer comes along and invites you in for an interview.

At first you think, ‘Yes! This is exciting!’ – Which it really is! Congratulations on getting this far, you should be very proud of yourself.  However, this excitement may soon be short-lived. An interview means a face-to-face interaction, being scrutinised from head to toe, and potentially having your hopes pushed back down. It’s little wonder why so many of us get nervous.

However, there are ways to start overcoming your interview fears, and they could make the difference between your employment and continuing your job search.

1.     Understand the Interview

Now, in saying this we don’t mean just preparing for the interview. What we mean is looking beyond the interview and realising the bigger picture that your nerves and anxiety can often stop you from recognising very quickly. A lot of the stress you feel is thinking of the worst situations, and what this interview could lose you.

Sure, you might not get the job, but why should that stop you putting your best foot forward? You can work hard and still not win, but you shouldn’t let it dishearten you. At most, all you are going to lose is time, and you will be gaining valuable experience. Think of every interview you don’t succeed in as something to learn from. You only grow by making and amending mistakes, and in time, you will have the skills to succeed!

2.     Breathe Easy

You’ll hear everybody say when you’re nervous to take a breath – and for good reason. Regulating your breathing can help to slow your heart rate down, and gives you something to focus on that isn’t the stress of the interview. Take a slow, deep breath, relax your shoulders, and breathe out. You might be surprised how much it does to help with the nerves.

3.     Take It Slow

Don’t talk too fast. A lot of interviewers are not impressed by a candidate who grows so nervous they speak too quickly and cannot be understood. It could spell disaster for them to hire somebody who, when called on for an important meeting, may exhibit the same nervous tendencies.

If you watch yourself speaking too quickly, simply sit back, force yourself to slow down, and really think about what you are saying. You might even find that what you say ends up being more collected and thoughtful!

4.     Visualise the Interview

Before you go into the room, think in your head about what the interview will be like. They might shake your hand, introduce themselves, and ask you a question. Not so bad, right? They might even be nice. Remember, the employer wants to make a good impression on you, too. They may offer you a job, but it is up to you to accept or reject it.

Either way, visualising the interview will make the process far easier for you, and realise there is nothing to worry about. (They’re probably just as nervous as you are, trust us.)

Find Your Next Job

With the right interview techniques under your belt, you’ll have your brand new job in no time. Simply relax, think the interview through, and think of what you have to gain from it. Search Consultants are available to candidates for interview questions and CV advice. Contact us today for more information.