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The time that you could create a LinkedIn profile and update it once every year has passed. 2017 was the year LinkedIn’s new interface was launched and drastically improved the platform’s user experience. Now not only are regular users becoming more engaged with the platform but those who have been dormant on the site for months or years are now beginning to wake up to its potential.

Having a professional LinkedIn profile is the first step towards you maximising your professional online presence and personal brand. So whether you are a dormant user who needs to refresh their profile or a new user looking for guidance, here are our five LinkedIn profile tips on how to maximise your personal brand.

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1. Create a detailed profile

A LinkedIn profile is quite similar to your CV as it displays your education history, work experience, skills and testimonials from current and past colleagues. But LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to expand on all of these in as much detail as you want. .

It is also important to use keywords particularly in your headline, summary and across your entire profile. These will put you in the eye line of both recruiters using LinkedIn for jobs and potential partners looking to expand their network.

Whether you are looking for fresh challenges or contacts, going into detail about yourself will increase the chances of you being matched with relevant opportunities.


2. Make your summary stand out from the crowd

The headline and summary on your LinkedIn profile introduces your professional offering to potential employers. This is your chance to sell yourself, As aside from your name and picture, this is the only information that potential new connections will see.

By default though, your LinkedIn summary will only display your job title, most recent place of employment and the university or school you last attended in your full page. It tells LinkedIn users nothing about what you currently do and what you can offer them as a professional.  

This is easily changed in your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to highlight your skills, relevant experience and make the sentence as concise as possible.

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3. Use the right visuals

Visuals are essential on any kind of social media and LinkedIn profiles are no different. You’ll receive 21x more profile views and be 36x more likely to receive a direct message from a stranger if you at least have a photo displayed. So choosing the right photo to represent you is crucial.   

Photos should be no more than two years old, be high quality with no pixilation and be something you would feel comfortable with showing to a prospective new client or employer. There is no room for the more personal and light hearted photos accessible on sites like Instagram or Snapchat. Remember, LinkedIn is for professionals and you need to use it to promote yourself as such.

As well as a personal photo, you can choose to use a background cover image. This can represent your personal interests and skills or your current employer’s brand and identity. Either way, they bring more colour and panache to your LinkedIn profile. 


4. Keep your activity feed active

Currently 40% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly active users are accessing the site daily. They are constantly consuming content and interacting with those publishers and professionals who deliver quality output.

If you can show you are engaged with your current connections’ content, potential new users and businesses will know you will engage with them. This will make it more likely they will either ask you to connect or accept your request in return for liking and sharing their posts.

5. Maximise endorsements and recommendations

Even with the extensive multichannel marketing options available to professionals today, a good word from the right person is still one of the best for opening doors. If a prospective connection visits your LinkedIn profile and sees positive testimonials from fellow industry professionals they will naturally be inclined to connect with you. 92% of people trust recommendations from other people, even if they don’t know them.

As of now, there is no LinkedIn algorithm preference between one testimonial from a prestigious influencer or 20 from your current circle. But whichever way you would prefer to gather them, a lot of positive recommendations on your LinkedIn profile are bound to help you stand out from the crowd in potentially crowded marketplaces.


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