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If you are looking for part time work or a full time job that can help you develop new skills and gain valuable experience, call centre jobs could be exactly what you need.

As most of the world’s biggest brands are increasingly adapting to new technologies, the demand for them to hire customer service advisors is on the increase. This will mean part time call centre jobs and full time call centreopportunities with some of the UK’s leading employers.  

Search is one of UK’s leading call centre recruitment agencies with a large number of call centre jobs all across the UK for some of the country’s most-loved brands. If you are interested in pursuing a part time call centre job or even a full time call centre job, here are four reasons to make you apply. 

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1. For most call centre jobs no experience is needed

If you are new to the job market or looking for a new career, a call centre job could be ideal for you. The basic requirements for most call centre jobs are great customer service skills and some computer knowledge. Both of these skillsets are transferable from your professional and personal life and can be adapted to fit working in a call centre. This means you can quickly earn some extra cash and decide whether a call centre career is something you would like to strive towards in the long term.

2. Call centre jobs are well-paid with great benefits

Call centre jobs also offer a higher salary than most entry level positions and most come with additional perks. Many employers will offer regular overtime as well as performance based bonus schemes based on sales and quality of the customer service you provide. Other benefits might include in-house or brand discounts, access to company insurance schemes and the free entertainment provided by some employers like TVs and free Wi-Fi.

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3. Gain new customer service skills

As most call centre jobs do not require previous experience, free training is almost always provided at the start of your contract. This gives you a great opportunity to develop new customer service skills and enhance your existing ones too; whether they be enhancing your communication, multi–tasking and the interpersonal skills vital to succeed in the world of work. As you will be dealing with particular products or services in a call centre job, you will also gain an understanding of the wider brand and the industry in which it operates, providing you with a great foundation for your future call centre career. 

4. A diverse working environment

Unlike other industries, call centres employ candidates from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. A multicultural team is never boring and as you will be seated close together you get a lot of opportunities for interaction and can provide an interesting and productive environment for you to develop as a person.

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These are just some of the benefits offered by call centre jobs. If you believe that a call centre career  is something for you, then Search can help.  As a leading call centre recruitment agency, the call centre jobs we offer range from part-time call centre jobs to full time call centre jobs and could offer flexible solutions to your employment needs and work life balance. Want to apply for a call centre job? Check out our list of jobs in places like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Merseyside and Manchester.

If you have any questions about call centre jobs in the UK, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you make the next step in your career.