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When a huge company the size of Amazon is prepared to offer you a job it’s exciting but can be quite daunting at the same time. Fitting into a massive corporate machine may not appeal to some but the benefits of working for globally recognised brands lead to more than just your family nodding in approval when telling them where you work.

Here are just some of the benefits of working for a big brand.

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It looks great on your CV

Regardless of your sector and role, having a huge name on your CV will give hiring managers and recruiters an impression of capability, especially early on in your career.

In those precious seconds spent scanning your CV, it is inevitable their eye will be drawn more to names like Amazon and Tesco Bank rather than an unknown small business. Big brands are largely associated with investing in people through their internal training programmes. As a recipient of these, you’ll be considered potentially more competent compared to other candidates in the market, which will open a greater number of doors for you down the line.

 You learn about core business practices.

A large company will inevitably have larger stakes. This is usually the norm for huge firms with more pressure to hit key targets, KPIs and financial goals. This means people working in all aspects of the company have to take some responsibility for the overall success of the business. 

Processes and performance tracking always play a significant part in working for big brands. But working in these environments early on in your career, especially when responsibilities and accountability are a little less intense, can provide you with the necessary experience to deal with them more efficiently as your duties become loftier.

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You get a built-in network.

Exploiting your professional network with as many connections as possible can put you on a fast track to career success. Similar to having a huge name on your CV, name dropping a big brand on social networking sites can give you a head start on other candidates.

You will have the advantage of being part of a large network of current and former employees who can offer advice or introduce you to the right people at the right time.


You’ll Know Your Role  

 A small company or start up can sometimes feel like working in a whirlwind. The work never stops and comes at you from all angles whilst seemingly blowing you in different directions whilst trying to find what works.

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Bigger brands tend to move and action change slowly and without risk as they have accrued vast amounts of knowledge on what works in the industry and what doesn’t (with exceptions). This creates safe and secure jobs as your role or team has been in place for many years with best practices already defined. 

Having a clearly defined role also means everyone knows what is expected of them and can crack on with their work without treading on other peoples’ toes. 

If you are someone who prefers routine and knowing what you’re doing everyday as opposed to taking risks and having responsibilities changed every week, a big brand is for you.

Better Work Life Balance:

Smaller companies and particular start-ups often have a culture of “everyone does a little bit of everything”. If a particular aspect of your role takes up the majority of the working day, working on additional tasks to help grow the company can spill into your free time.

The clear company structures, well defined roles and higher team sizes at bigger brands can reduce the need for after hours work.  If and when it is required during peak periods, there’s more chance of a budget to pay over-time which can lead to a nice boost for your income and opportunities for you to save for a holiday or your Christmas fund.

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