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We all know of the archetypal mid-life crisis – the new fitness fads, hair dye, motorbikes, two-seater cars - but what about a quarter-life crisis? These well-documented periods of reflection, for any age group, are no laughing matter.

At certain points in our lives, we can all feel a little bit lost. The overwhelming feelings of ‘is this it?’ or ‘what am I doing with my life?’ are the questions we can’t get out of our heads. As we wake up in the morning, eat our lunch and tuck ourselves back into bed, we ask ourselves ‘is this really all life has to offer?’

When we are challenged or motivated by work, we don’t have the time to ponder; we have too much purpose, too many tasks or ideas. But when work is devoid of passion or interest, an ongoing sense of apathy about whether its right for us is usually experienced. This is normally because this work isn’t right for us.

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When we feel like this, one way to find out what really is out there, or to find ourselves (if we haven’t got the money or inclination to spend a year meditating in the Himalayas), is to find our passion or career drivers. A great way to do that is to temp.

Temping offers the opportunity to try out new industries, new roles, new colleagues and new locations; to see what floats our quarter-life boat.

It’s important that if you are thinking of taking this leap you make sure you have the financial backing to do it, because there is no 100% guarantee that you will work every week. If, however, you are at a point in your life when you have more financial freedom and less constraints, it’s a great opportunity to explore.

For those who have certain financial obligations, there are short term contracts that might suit better where work is pretty much guaranteed for a number of months. Temping may be something that you can do as you look for another permanent job.

There are many among us who didn’t know we would love something until we tried it, and this is the same for work. So many graduates study for a particular profession, only to realise that, it isn’t in fact, for them. Temping is effectively paid work experience: the chance to try out a whole host of opportunities, but also get paid for the pleasure.

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