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On 19th April, Isabel Muller will represent Search Consultancy as a nominee in the Recruitment Consultant of the Year category at the 2018 S1 Jobs Awards. Search is a proud investor in people and we take pride in celebrating the exceptional staff who dedicate their expertise towards ensuring our success in the industry.

We catch up with the nominee herself on how she made a successful career in recruitment, what life at Search is like and her advice on how to maximise the candidate driven market.

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What makes a successful recruiter? An intimate knowledge of your market and exceptional selling ability always help of course.  For Isabel, it is her dedication, transparency and ‘people skills’ that have set her apart as an exceptional recruiter almost from the point she first joined Search.

“I am, first and foremost, a people person; I love meeting new people, getting to know what drives and motivates others, how they have gained new skills and a drive for a particular role or career path.”

On 19th April 2018, Isabel will attend the S1 Jobs Awards as one of the nominees for the Recruiter of the Year award. Her people-driven approach has enabled her to build relationships with a wide variety of clients and candidates establishing a reputation for professionalism.

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“I want my candidates and clients to be completely comfortable with me and, ultimately, my aim is to almost build a friendship, or at the very least have an honest and open conversation about what is expected from me, from the next role or the next hire.”

The recruitment industry has long since shifted to a candidate driven market. The best consultants and agencies have recognised nurturing and building trust with quality candidates you meet for current vacancies can ultimately lead to multiple placements months down the line. This not only benefits you in the short term but can reap huge rewards when high pressure is inevitable.

For Isabel, this philosophy is the cornerstone to her candidate attraction model.

“Why wouldn’t you ensure you have the best candidate truly rely on you and trust you?! I like to see barriers come down as this ultimately opens up the honest communication stream you are looking for and builds reliability and trust.”

Isabel has specialised in commercial recruitment for over five years. She currently recruits for temporary roles within Search’s Office Services and Call & Contact Centre specialisms primarily within the Tayside, Angus & Perthshire areas of Scotland. Although based in Dundee, one of the smaller branches of Search, Isabel is more than happy with her current set up.

“It is a blessing to me. We have a total of 10 consultants, one manager and one Director in the office and the constant buzz, exchanging of success stories and lead generation, cross selling and support are just some of the things I enjoy most about my role.

 “I want my candidates and clients to be completely comfortable with me and, ultimately, my aim is to almost build a friendship"

In this candidate driven market, Isabel has routinely shown exceptional dedication, passion and encouragement which has led to her becoming the ‘go to’ contact for many people in the Dundee area.

“I met with a candidate who was completely disheartened by the current market. He was made redundant when the company he worked for 10 years going into administration. He had been there for 10 years and so was out of practice at interviews and had applied for so many jobs, not getting past the first interview stage. As time went on, the gap on his CV increased and his confidence continued to drop. He registered with three agencies, all of which went through his skills and told him they would be in touch should anything arise. He never heard from them again.

“I found his CV on a database, contacted him and convinced him to give me an opportunity to represent him.  He was completely flexible, agreed to open his options to travelling 45 minutes for the right role, lowering his salary expectations and length of assignment he would consider.

“The first placement I secured for the candidate came a week after our meeting. It was a short term holiday cover; he excelled and received excellent client feedback. I coached him on different interview skills, practiced various questioning techniques and built up his confidence. Before long we received news on a successful interview and a start with a business 10 minutes from home and on more money than expected. What’s even better is he was offered a permanent position with them after four months.

We’ll all be rooting for Isabel at the awards.  

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