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The UK’s recruitment sector is notorious for its high staff turnover rates, and there are many reasons why consultants may choose to leave your company or the industry altogether. These often range from salary, to perceived misconceptions about opportunities for career development in the workplace or overall working patterns.

But where most companies would be reluctant to welcome back a returning workforce, Search is a company of second chances. As proud investors in people and active supporters of career development in the workplace, our leadership teams really take to heart why an employee may have decided to leave Search in the first place, and within reason take steps to ensure that we retain our returning workforce.

In this blog, we hear from our consultants who have learned from first-hand experience that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and why they decided to return to Search.

1. We invest in our people

At Search, we strongly invest in our people, doing whatever we can to not only support their career development in the workplace, but we also put their wellbeing and happiness first. This is one of the main reasons why Shane Hughes, Recruitment Consultant for Search’s Construction specialism, returned to Search after taking a six-month break from the business. “I found Search to be a recruitment company that truly nurtures its people, rather than treat individuals as just another number,” he says.

2. We actively support career development in the workplace

There are many ways in which Search actively supports career development in the workplace, from a rewarding bonus structure for consultants, to regular incentives for support staff. Of course, excellent training comes with the risk of employees leaving to pastures anew, as was the case with Gary Johnstone, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Search Technology & Transformation. He recalls, “From the onset, Search actively supported my career development in the workplace through world class training and recognition for my achievements. This in turn gave me the confidence to branch out and set up my own recruitment company.”

However, our exceptional leaders at Search also recognise how important it is to train our people well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough so they choose to stay. Our continuous application of this principal is precisely why Gary returned to Search five years after he left. “When I decided to return to an established recruitment business, I knew first-hand that Search would continue to nurture my existing talents whilst supporting my career progression,” he says.

3. We actually live up to our core values

When talking about company values, many employers may toss around a number of buzzwords like community, respect, and integrity, only to slide right back into traditional habits and practices which don’t always align with those words. At Search, we challenge ourselves to dig deeper than simply identifying our business’s core values, and actually live by them.

As Ellie Finnegan, Regional Account Manager at Search Energy Division says, “Although I left Search twice – first to pursue a university degree and then to travel – what kept me coming back was my first-hand experience with how much Search as a business actively lives by its core values.” As a result, everyone within Search enjoys a great team atmosphere which boosts the level of happiness and fulfilment at work. Indeed, this is just one of many reasons why Search is one of only a handful of recruitment companies to achieve Investors in People Platinum status.

4. Our continuous growth makes for diverse opportunities

Search is a company that is continuously growing and evolving to meet the needs of businesses throughout the UK. Just last year we successfully completed a Management Buy Out of the business whilst securing new investment from H2 Equity Partners, and have since continued to steadily build on our strong market position by expanding our range of services and accelerating our growth strategy.

Our continuous growth as a business undoubtedly creates new and varied opportunities for career development in the workplace, which is one of the main reasons why Esther Caines, Managing Consultant at Search Legal decided to return to Search. After leaving twice, first to become a mother and then to pursue a recruitment career abroad, Esther returned to Search to be a part of this exciting chapter of our growth as a business.

“Over my three stints of working at Search, I have specialised in three different areas of professional services recruitment to both reflect the tremendous growth of the wider business,” she says. “As a recruitment agency which is continuously evolving to meet the current market demand, there is a never a dull moment as far as your career at Search is concerned, and many opportunities to diversify your role and learn new skills along the way.”

5. The grass isn't always greener on the other side

We’ve all heard the phrase: ‘The grass is always greener on the other side.’ Of course, it’s natural to occasionally yearn for a life that’s idealistic and to occasionally dream of escaping elsewhere. However, what we may perceive to be an ideal career path on the surface may turn out to be the exact opposite, as Senior Consultant for Engineering recruitment, Duncan Lowe discovered.

He recalls, “Overall, leaving and returning to Search taught me that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. With a strong emphasis on training, development and recognition, Search truly sets itself apart from competitors by continuously investing in its people and their career development in the workplace, thus empowering individuals across the business to fulfil their full potential. To put it plainly, I doubt I would consider pursuing a career elsewhere again.”

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