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The internet is full of great interview tips, but here’s our take to see you through your interview.

Interviews are a troublesome thing for some people. They may not require sales skills to fulfil their role, but they do feel that they must sell themselves to get the job. This makes them feel anything from a little nervous to full-blown panicky.

This is likely where the problem begins. There is some unfounded myth that to be successful in an interview, you must be the most charismatic person on the planet. That may be the case if you are interviewing for a job which requires those characteristics, but if you aren’t, then your first tip for your interview prep should be to take the pressure off you just a little.

Don’t worry, our great interview tips and tricks won’t command you to tap dance into the room, all bells and whistles blowing. You just have to be yourself, but this is harder said than done isn’t it? There are many occasions where we are told simply to be ourselves and, on most of those occasions, it’s the last thing we do. Instead, we give a jittery, maybe quiet babbly, version of ourselves or totally seize up.

Bizarrely, the best way to be yourself is to practise. During your interview preparation, think about what questions your potential new employer may ask and imagine yourself answering them. Not just once, but over and over again, until they become second nature.

The interviewer isn’t there to trick you – if they are, then you don’t want that job anyway. They just want to work through your CV and establish if you are a good fit for the job and the company itself. Will you suit its culture and get on with the team? Do you have the experience or transferable skills to fulfil the role? How do you describe yourself? Do you seem reliable and honest?

It doesn’t just benefit the employer if you are honest and authentic, it also benefits you. Rather than worrying so much about impressing the interviewer, ask yourself if you find the company and package impressive enough for you to want to work there. Being yourself gives you a good opportunity to see if it’s a good spot for you.

Some people struggle with blowing their own trumpet. If you feel uncomfortable talking positively about yourself, you can take the indirect route and describe why an employer, colleague or customer liked your work or character. Think of accomplishments or things you did well pre-interview so that they just roll of your tongue on the day.

If you still feel anxious, you can tell the interviewer that you feel a little nervous. You won’t be the first person and, being truthful about nerves, can sometimes put you more at ease.

If you are having the interview through a recruiter, let them know so that they can help you practice. They can put your mind at rest, telling you what to expect from the interview process and what the interviewer will want to know.

Reality is far less scary than the unknown; preparing for your interview and knowing what to expect is always half the battle.

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