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Great cover letter ideas to help you get the job!

Knowing where to find good cover letter ideas can be tricky business, and writing one is a task often fraught with second guesses and perpetual head-scratching. And for good reason, because at worst, a cover letter could put a potential employer off, and most of the time, cover letters are just, meh. The reason for this is quite a lot of people just regurgitate what they have written in their CV. The letter ends up just a rather bland repetition of already-supplied information.

However, the good news is that at best, a cover letter can be super engaging and secure you a role. Read on to follow our top cover letter ideas that will not only give your job application the edge over competing candidates, but also increase your chances of landing your dream job!

Top cover letter ideas to get you started

1. Articulate your knowledge of the company

Whilst your CV is all about you, make your cover letter all about your knowledge of the company or role you’re applying for. Then cover how your character and skills will suit. You can start by covering what you know about the business, its culture and its values. This was probably a tricky ordeal a few decades ago, but now practically everything is available on your phone via the business’ website.

2. Highlight how your skills fit into the business

List this information and say why your character or skills fit the business itself. If it’s a quirky tech business, say why you fit. If it’s a small family office, explain the advantages of hiring you. Make sure you say what you admire about the way the business operates but try to make it about why hiring you would be great for the employer, and not just why it would be great for you. Make it clear that you are an asset.

3. Talk about the role

Refer to the job functions listed on the job spec. What makes you think you can fulfil these tasks well? Have you completed similar tasks before? Try to give concrete information. Facts and figures or examples are great. Avoid offering ‘fluffy’ reasons why you think you may be able to fulfil the tasks. If you can’t put into words a specific reason for some tasks listed, but are confident you can do the job, then just concentrate on the tasks listed on the spec you can think of examples for.

4. Include testimonials or awards which demonstrate your achievements

Another fab addition which few people use is a testimonial from a relevant person. This could be someone you have worked with in the past, a customer or someone in the industry you are applying for. Can’t get your hands on one of these? What about any awards you have won at work or any accomplishments you are proud of?

Once you are done writing the cover letter, don’t drag it out. A simple ‘I look forward to hearing from you’ is perfect to finish it off before pressing send and getting it to the employer and awaiting a response.

Still need more cover letter ideas? Ask our Search Specialists!

We can’t finish this blog without mentioning the elephant in the room which is this. Good recruiters are not only a source of great cover letter ideas, they are also the human equivalent of a cover letter. Actually, that’s not true. We are better. Like the letter, we speak on your behalf and present your CV, but – and this is the key thing – we already have a great relationship with the employer and know what they are looking for.

If you find that you are struggling to get in front of employers, despite having a wealth of skills and experience to offer, you could tweak your cover letter, or you could just give Search a call and get that extra bit of support.

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