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Situated next to Gatwick Airport, Crawley has undergone tremendous industrial and commercial growth over the years, boasting the highest employment rate in the UK. Although historically referred to as the ‘Creepy Crawley’ of England, we show you why this town is fast becoming a popular choice for individuals looking to combine the best of country and city life as they expand their professional horizons!

What life in Crawley looks like

Located in West Sussex, Crawley is a popular choice for working individuals who wish to move away from the hustle and bustle of London, where they can get better property value for their money. The city is conveniently positioned close to Gatwick Airport, which brings in a wide range of employment opportunities and trade links to the area, inarguably making Crawley a business hub of the Southeast.

According to recent statistics published in Regenerating Crawley, there are over 200,000 visitors to Crawley’s town centre every week, with over 90,000 people working in the city, resulting in great potential spend within a growing retail catchment area. Situated next to the M23 and M25, with train stations in the town centre and Three Bridges neighbourhood, Crawley is easily accessible for commuters who pour in from London and the rest of the Southeast.

Crawley is also home to a range of facilities and amenities, including the modern County Mall shopping centre. The town itself boasts a vibrant shopping scene which is complemented by a range of restaurants and bars, along with the historic local market landscape. With more investment and development on the horizon, Crawley is undoubtedly one of the country's most up-and-coming locations.

Why you should start your career in Crawley

Comparing economic statistics across 63 cities and large towns in the UK, the latest Centre for Cities report shows that Crawley currently boasts the highest employment rate in Britain. This sees workers earning the third highest average wage in the UK at £634 per week, behind only London and Reading.

The report also revealed that Crawley is the eighth most productive city in the UK, with an average gross value added (GVA) of £59,500 per worker. The town has the highest proportion of private sector jobs in Britain (75,029 private sector jobs, only 10,444 public sector). This is a ratio of 7.2 and the UK average is 2.8. Furthermore, Crawley also saw an increase of 29 percent in business start-ups last year –  20 percent above the national average.

Although low unemployment and high wages is a positive indication of the Crawley’s commercial and business growth, the reality is that the best paid jobs are often held by people who commute into Crawley rather than reside locally. However, recent years have seen increasing numbers of successful London commuters choosing to settle in Crawley - bringing with them increased growth and investment in amenities, businesses and services.

The question is, could one of them be you?

In conclusion

What was once a post war new town with a mixed reputation is fast becoming a sought after location for professionals and successful businesses. Many large multi-national organisations have offices within the town and some leading companies are headquartered in Crawley. This has in turn created a thriving network of freelancers and contract experts who serve such organisations as well as the thousands of full time employees.

As a result, Crawley is fast becoming a hub of modern working and living. What once felt tired and forgotten is now at the forefront of technology and 21st century living driven by families that still want affordable living. Many newcomers to the town have come from London, bringing with them a city based sensibility that creates an upbeat culture.

So what are you waiting for? Why not take the plunge and make the great leap to Crawley!

Thinking of moving to Crawley to further your career?

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