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What makes a great recruiter? You will meet great recruiters in all shapes and sizes: loud, quiet, introvert, extrovert, serious, silly, old and young. But they do all tend to have a series of qualities in common, most of which are natural characteristics they are just born with.

1. They are likeable

Being ‘nice’ has become somewhat underrated – we’d never put it on our CVs would we, but why not? Because guess where being nice gets you? A huge network of supportive people who want to work with you, who trust you to be honest about the best jobs for them, or the best candidate for their role.

Let’s just go ahead and file ethical and trustworthy under the same heading for the same reasons.

2. They have memories like elephants

Good recruiters remember people: their skills, strengths, weaknesses, how they interview, their deal breakers and their career aspirations. Same, with regard to the clients who they help to fill roles. You become part of a jigsaw that they eventually find the right adjoining piece for.

Your CV shouldn’t be the only way a recruiter knows you. It’s a document, which is great for filling in little details or confirming dates and job titles, but it doesn’t show who you are as a person; and that’s what a great recruiter remembers.

3. They are supporters and Enablers

They want to help you through your career. They want to help find you that perfect spot. Sure, they want to be handsomely rewarded for it – that’s the icing on the cake. It’s not payday, however, when we see them jumping for joy. It’s when they’ve orchestrated that perfect interview, which gets their candidate a great job, and their client a great employee. They like the excitement of sales, but they love the satisfaction of helping people.

4. They think outside the box

A good recruiter is the exact opposite of ‘computer says no’. If they see you have the right spark, attitude, transferable skills and will fit well with a work culture, they will give you an opportunity to fill that role. They aren’t box tickers. They understand that careers and businesses and people don’t work that way. What was it Steve Jobs said? ‘Here’s to the round pegs in the square holes…the ones who see things differently.’

At Search, we love that we have a wide spectrum of recruiters who tick these boxes. They make life interesting, and work, a fun place to be. We look for these skills in people with other roles, who might want to join our team, and we find them in really interesting places, with great industry, knowledge they can use to excel in our field.

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