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Sometimes, when we are work-weary, and we have just about had enough of our surroundings, colleagues, inadequate IT, marketing, customer processes and micro-managing bosses, we could be forgiven for throwing the baby out with the bath water.

We assume we hate our role when we simply just hate our company. We forget our strengths, skills and past successes and feel fed up, demotivated, unrewarded and, perhaps, that our future lies elsewhere. This is probably true, but whilst it’s likely that a different company is required, a different industry probably isn’t necessary.

Why throw everything away – everything that you have learnt and trained for – just because the business you have chosen isn’t quite (or at all) right for you?

You could, of course, dislike your actual role so it’s good to go through an exercise where you think carefully about what aspects you dislike and would change without question.

Do you dislike your main tasks, or do you dislike that you don’t have the adequate equipment or software to do it well? Do you dislike having to rush everything because of pressure from your boss or do you have plenty of time and the right equipment to do it but still find it dull, stressful or not fulfilling?

This seems like a simplistic exercise but we all can easily find ourselves in a position where we are so fed up, tired or demotivated that we forget why we ever started a role. A bad leadership team, culture or even just a terrible commute can make us forget our key skills and goals and just want to escape. It’s imperative at this point that we take a deep breath, regroup and think carefully about our next steps.

At Search, we have a massive team and some of those recruiters have worked elsewhere and not enjoyed it – some because of the reasons listed; others because they felt that the remuneration they were getting didn’t quite cut the mustard.

We imagine they moved over to us because we are so well-known within the industry. If we weren’t treating our team well, everyone would hear about it. We plough a lot of effort into making sure we are a great place to work and make it easy for our recruiters to fulfil their roles. We are really pleased that these members of our team gave recruitment a second chance because, if not, we’d have missed out on some great people and they would have moved on assuming recruitment wasn’t for them.

More businesses should make sure that they are a great place to work. In times of job shortages, employers knew that employees were just so glad to have a job and regular income that they may put up with sub optimum environments. Those times are long gone. The best businesses realise that they will only succeed if they nurture talent. Employee churn will be the death of any venture in the long run.

If you are feeling unhappy about you career situation or have started to daydream about winning the lottery (a sure sign it’s time for a change), then have a good think about your next move. You probably don’t have to throw your career out of the window, just your current employer.

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