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There are a host of benefits to supporting the physical wellbeing of employees and loads of straightforward ways to achieve and encourage it.

Let’s start with exercise. In addition to organising, supporting or sponsoring employee sports teams, many businesses also negotiate reduced deals at local gyms or offer easy fitness hacks on their intranets.

The benefits of exercise are proven to be immense; from improved concentration and creativity to productivity, confidence, motivation, improved cognitive abilities and illness prevention. So that’s optimum performance in work, and less time off work.

Being sharper, more mentally agile, happier and less tired offers obvious benefits all round.

Whilst for some, physical fitness is about a 5k run or lifting their weight in iron, for others it’s a walk around the park at lunch time to clear their mind and stretch their legs. Exercise fires people up – both their bodies and their brains - and gets them operating on all cylinders.

There is an unpleasant epidemic among some business people recently who link success to the number of hours they are chained to their desks. Employers like Search, who are invested in employee health, don’t want you to burn out for both your sake and theirs. They want you fresh and energetic, not drained and deflated. They will expect you to take your lunch or get out of the office in time for your hobbies.

We think of the term physical fitness and someone in Lycra springs to mind but there are a variety of factors other than being a weekend warrior or gym bunny which can improve this aspect of your health.

Adequate rest and recovery plays a huge role in physical wellbeing. Some people can survive on two or three hours sleep, but us mere mortals require around eight to nine hours sleep to fully recharge our batteries.

Enough sleep offers the same benefits as exercise. Sleep deprivation can be catastrophic for mood, mental clarity and agility. To get some shut eye, people really need a technology curfew.

We aren’t anti-technology – who amongst us doesn’t roll our eyes at coffee shops with signs proudly claiming that they don’t offer WIFI, like they are somehow saving society? Technology makes so many aspects of our lives possible; sadly, sleep isn’t one of them. We think good managers, who are getting regular emails through from their employees late in the evening or at weekends, should consider how the senders are managing their workload and offer support for smarter rather than longer hours.

Another recurring issue is back ache. It is responsible for a lot of misery, days off and missed revenue opportunities, especially amongst office workers. As well as supporting employees with their physical health, employers should look at work stations and make sure they are helping, not hindering good posture and back health.

Many of us like a social drink with family, friends and clients but others amongst us would prefer to cut down or not drink. At Search, we try to make sure that there are opportunities to socialise which aren’t solely reliant on having drinks so that everyone is involved. We are also happy to support staff who want to eat healthily and make sure that our working lunches cater for every requirement.

We are a while off offering desk yoga at lunch times – do any of us really fancy that? But we feel that we are doing our part to help make sure our team are feeling well and happy. Businesses who don’t will suffer long term and so will their employees.

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