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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great way to judge an employer because it covers everything we humans need to flourish – apart from maybe WIFI and coffee.

It sorts the wheat from the chaff because only the very best reach the top levels. Let’s start at the bottom with:

Level 1 - Physiological

For life, this is food, water, warmth and somewhere to sleep – everything necessary to survive. In a decent business, these are the main requirements you need to survive for your role: an induction, your laptop or PC, and phone for example.

In a superior business, this means offering the latest technology and processes which optimise workplace efficiency, support collaboration, enhance customer experience and let you play to your key skillset. It’s also an ergonomically-designed office, letting you work in a healthy environment, where you can easily engage with other team members and network over a cuppa.

Level 2 - Safety, Security and Freedom from Fear

As far as an employer is concerned, this means making you feel safe and comfortable in your role. Great employers, however, don’t just make you feel more comfortable, they make you feel confident that you can innovate, stray from the beaten path, discuss ideas and pain points and challenge the status quo with your direct manager free from recrimination. At places like Search, we pump a lot of time and resource into ensuring that we have this type of culture – people excel and remain in a business where they can concentrate on their role, happy that their position is stable, and they are supported.

Level 3 - Belonging

This is the point in the hierarchy where only really great businesses start to make the grade. Creating a culture of belonging involves playing the long game: creating a brand people can believe in and an environment that motivates and inspires them. Forging a team, rather than a disparate group of employees, involves great internal communications and an ethos of ‘co-opetition’ where colleagues feel happy to collaborate and not compelled to compete.

This doesn’t happen by accident and is led from the top down with senior leaders supporting managers to support their staff. For us, it means building friendships at work and supporting each other to reach our career and personal goals. We are proud of what we have achieved.

Level 4 - Self-esteem, Achievement, Mastery, Recognition and Respect

At Search, we want our employees to enjoy their jobs and feel good about their career choices. We have the best training and development in place to ensure that they can master their role. We recognise achievement through employee reward schemes, great remuneration and perks. We make sure that we foster self-esteem by listening to what our recruiters say and continually evaluating how we do things to improve all the time.

Level 5 - Self Actualisation

The cream of the crop want their employees to be living their best lives. This is how we achieve top-notch customer service, profits and productivity and how we attract and retain the best talent.

Self-actualisation is about having a purpose in life, feeling comfortable, being creative and being mentally robust enough to adapt to new situations. To create this attitude within work, employers need to care about work and life balance and the physical and mental health of employees. One way to encourage this is to build an environment which doesn’t rely on stress and fear to optimise results, but mentoring, support and professional development.

Encouraging employee social and sports events and positively wanting employees to have other interests, hobbies and pastimes to enjoy a varied life is another good angle to support this.

As recruiters, we feel that we need to lead by example. We can’t say we only work with the best employers with a straight face unless we are a great employer ourselves. Luckily, we’ve got it nailed.

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