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There are two ways we could write this blog. We could write what it might be like as a temp with poor recruiters: your desk in a cupboard, power-mad colleagues, timed toilet breaks, no coffee... Or we could just write it assuming you’ve been placed by one of the many, many great recruiters out there.

So, let’s just assume that your recruiter is great, you are going to a good business, with a great culture and some interesting work for you to get your teeth into. This is what your first day might look like.


Your recruiter will give you the location, but unless you know the area well, it’s always best to leave more time than you think you need just for your first day. This is because it’s handy to work out the traffic or where you can park or allow for late trains and buses. Your first day at work in a new job will probably already give you butterflies. You’ll feel so much better if you aren’t panicking and are there early enough to grab a coffee and relax in reception.


You will be given info about the dress code, but if unsure, our advice is to err on the side of caution and dress slightly more formally than necessary until you note the lay of the land. You could love the job and are potentially meeting new permanent colleagues or managers. You are also getting a chance to build a valuable network.


Don’t worry. There will be someone there to meet and greet you and show you your role. This isn’t just good for you. It’s good for the business if you are satisfied you know what you are doing and can get moving.

The fun stuff:

Depending on the type of role, if there are other temps who start at the same time, these will be your gang. You’ll be lunch time friends and you may keep some of them far after that position ends or work with them in other businesses.


If you have any queries at all, your recruiter will be ready for your call. They will also check in with you as the week progresses to make sure that everything is going well. Onsite, you will also have a contact to speak to.

By the time you have finished your first day, you’ll know how long the commute takes, what everyone wears, where to get your lunch, what your task involves and hopefully where the coffee machine is for break time. You’ll be a dab hand after your first eight hours, and it will be a smooth ride thereafter, until you get to try another business and the adventure begins again.

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Temping is a great option if you’re undergoing a career switch. It allows you the flexibility to try a variety of roles and is a great way to get loads of experience under your belt.

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