Top Picks for Coders and Developers - Part 1

By Timothy Fletcher

Whether you’re new to the code club or a seasoned developer, there are multiple tools that you can use to upskill and better meet the demands that continuously arise alongside emerging technologies in the business landscape. In part 1 of my Top Picks series, I list 3 tools for coders to cultivate and develop new skills in the world of tech!

1. Code Mentor

Code Mentor is an excellent starting point for fresh-faced coders who wish to obtain information about new technologies and cultivate new skills. This is because it provides one-to-one tuition with an expert mentor for debugging help, code review and pair programming via screen sharing, video and text chat. From a business perspective, this platform is ideal in the event that an experienced developer is unavailable or absent due to holiday or sick leave. However, the only downside is that the platform can be pretty expensive, starting at approximately $10 for a 15-minute session.

2. Stack Overflow

In 2016, Stack Overflow surveyed nearly 60,000 developers to determine how often the platform was used. The answer was that 74 percent of developers use Stack Overflow weekly to find answers, and in 2015, 40 million people visited Stack Overflow every month. As developers, we are always in slightly over our heads when it comes to solving complex problems, and this leads to internet research which often sees us land up at Stack Overflow. This platform is effective for individuals who already have a firm understanding of technology, but need a solution to a specific problem. While you may not always receive the answers you are looking for straightaway, the reality is that seeing the work of other developers can be extremely helpful in how it enables you to learn different ways to think about, approach and tackle a problem.

3. Hacker News

I truly believe that what sets an exceptional developer apart from the rest is their curiosity and hunger to continuously learn new skills and enhance existing ones! For these individuals, Hacker News is the ultimate playground to harvest the latest news and trends in the world of tech. Hacker News is a social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. It is run by Paul Graham's investment fund and startup incubator, Y Combinator. In general, content that can be submitted is defined as ‘anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity’. The platform allows ambitious coders to be more creative and innovative in the market.

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About the author

Timothy Fletcher the Head of Development and hiring manager at Filmstro, a Brighton-based tech organisation that has been a client of Search Consultancy since the beginning of 2017. From large data analytics clusters to small embedded devices, he has spent 20 years tinkering with computers in one form or another. With his strong background in computer science and artificial intelligence, combined with his love of film and music, he brings a breadth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to the industry.

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