The job search - you're doing it wrong!

Do you remember when you first entered the job market? Were you the sort of candidate who shot blindly in a desperate attempt to land a job, any job, as quickly as possible? Well, we’ve all been there, and whilst it’s good to apply that fresh-faced enthusiasm and proactivity to your job search, one must be wary of mistakes that could prove costly when finding a job. 

In this blog, we show you five things you’re doing wrong in your job search, and show you what you can do to fix it!

1. You apply for a broad range of jobs without careful consideration

Many people make the mistake of applying to the wrong job for them, and even if they are successful in getting it, chances are they won’t stick around for very long, meaning that they waste the time of both their future employer and themselves. While it’s all well and good to be proactive in your job search, it’s best to avoid applying to a broad range of roles without reading the fine print.

Also, being too quick to accept a position - at the expense of considering key requirements or the possibility that the position may not be the right fit for you - may provide instant gratification, but it certainly won’t last in the long run. In order for a job search to be substantially rewarding, you need to ensure that it is targeted, and only consider roles that truly interest you, are within your area of expertise or provide tangible opportunities for you to grow on a professional level through the development of transferable skills.

2. You send the same CV and cover letter with every application

Neglecting to customise your CV with every job application is a grave mistake to make. Many companies utilise applicant tracking systems (ATS), meaning that although you may be qualified for a role, your application may never make it to a hiring manager if you forget to use the same keywords as the job advert. With every CV you send, make sure to match your skills to the ones listed in the job description. One way to do this is to include a list of core skills in your application to showcase your most relevant 10 to 12 skills that are directly applicable to the job.

3. Once you press 'send', you wait for someone to contact you

Remember how we spoke about proactivity in the beginning of the article? Well, the reality is that many individuals feel they only have to be proactive in making initial contact, then simply sit back and relax whilst waiting for a response. People are busy, especially recruiters, and sometimes they may take awhile to get back to you, and need a little nudge. Show that you are committed to landing the job by getting in touch if you feel things are moving a little slower than you might like, but take care not to appear too overeager that you make a nuisance of yourself.

4. You dedicate limited time to your job search

It’s simply not enough to just sit on your laptop and dedicate two hours per day every other day of the week to your job search, whilst filling the spaces in between with naps or the latest Game of Thrones episode. Treat your job search like an actual job, and you will increase your chances of actually getting one!

5. You overlook the power of social networking

LinkedIn is a powerful resource for your job search – but only if you use it properly. Complete your profile, and connect with people in your industry, especially recruiters. Briefly explain what you are looking for and ask them if they can refer you to anyone relevant. Join industry groups and ask a few hiring managers if they have time to talk about their organisations.

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