Technology vs Skills - Part 3

By Phil Piper

In part 2 of this series, I outlined steps employers should take in order to minimise the skills gap! In the 3rd and final part of my Technology vs Skills series, I discuss what recruiters can do to better support companies and organisations in the talent attraction, training and hiring process.

How recruiters can support employers

In my view, there is a great deal more that recruiters need to do in regards to supporting businesses in attracting, hiring and retaining tech pros. I believe that there will be an increase in the employed consultant model (ECM) utilised by agencies. This will allow recruitment organisations to train and utilise employed consultants across a number of clients.

It’s likely that larger agencies will soon invest in their own internal academies that will both train and retrain candidates in emerging technologies. These candidates will in turn command a premium in the market place.

At Search we aim to continually educate employers about the risks that come with neglecting to invest in the retraining and attraction of candidates. We also emphasise the importance of attracting candidates quickly in a candidate-led market, the utilisation of highly skilled interim resource to share knowledge and upskill permanent staff and the benefits involved in bringing interims back 2 to 3 times per year to keep systems, operations and staff up to date and moving forward.

About the author

Phil Piper is a forward-thinking and goal-oriented recruitment expert with nearly 20 years’ worth of experience in the industry. He is currently the Director and Head of Search IT Digital & Change, managing teams across Manchester and Brighton, and recently expanding to Liverpool and Crawley. He has founded and continues to develop his Risk & Financial Crime recruitment team to cover regions across England. Phil is firmly committed to empowering his team through frequent communication, using his thorough industry knowledge to conceptualise and execute intuitive business strategies - both of which make him a strong leader in recruitment.

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