Office Blunders - That time you looked a fool at work!

With April Fools Day just around the corner, we asked fellow employees at Search to share their most cringe-worthy moments where they made an absolute fool out of themselves at the office. Their contributions have been amusing to say the least – proving that fools can certainly come out to play all year round!

Read on for some gasps, laughs and all round comic relief:

Clumsy Carl

After a series of unfortunate events, I have developed somewhat of a reputation throughout the office – so much so that I have been called, ‘The gift that keeps on giving’. A recollection of one incident would fail to adequately capture the comedic magic that is my notorious clumsiness, so I will provide a quick-fire three in one special:

  1. That time I accidentally smacked my own head onto the desk whilst attempting to quickly – and painlessly - sit down at my desk.
  2. The word of caution, ‘Watch your step’ was certainly designed for my two left feet, which on one occasion caused me to trip over my bottom drawer as I walked briskly past my desk.
  3. I once forgot to pack my work trousers in my gym bag and - much to the amusement of my giggling colleagues - sat in my mini shorts until lunch time when my mum finally came round to bring me a pair.

I could go on, but three is enough to keep me charming. 

All for One, One for All

You always hear stories about the dreaded ‘reply to all’ gone wrong scenario. In December of 2015, my name was promptly added to the list of email blunders through the ages. After the PA to the Managing Director sent out an email invitation to the Christmas party that year, my reply to her, plus the entire company, was:

“I’m 99.9% sure I can’t make it this year *sniff sniff*…”

As you can imagine, my work mates have since (till this day) not allowed me to live down the embarrassing broadcast. These days, whenever anyone asks me whether I am sure about a candidate or any other work process that requires my insight, they check if I am ‘99.9% sure’! Alternatively, if I ever seem unhappy for any given reason, my oh-so-empathetic colleagues will say, ‘sniff sniff’!

When the Boss becomes a 'Babe'

It was late November, the manic Christmas season well underway. I was a copy-writer for a magazine that never seemed to make it to the shelves on schedule. Although we were up to our eyeballs in deadlines that needed to be signed off by a micro-managing executive editor in less than an hour’s time, my google planner reminded me of my then partner’s birthday. I took a few moments to give him a sultry call hinting at the wonderful ‘birthday surprises’ he would receive from me later that evening. Just as soon as I finished my coquettish midday banter with the beau, my line Manager dropped a fresh stack of manuscripts onto my desk – the powers that be would only proofread and scribble notes on hardcopy, much to the agony of millennial copy-writers with desperate need for digital efficiency. Still basking in the afterglow of sweet talk, yet trying to hide the creeping ripple of frustration upon spotting a previously signed off copy, I slowly turned my chair to face my boss, ‘Babee, what is this for?’ I cooed, half sweetly, half testily…

He just stared at me, eyes wide and jaw in complete surrender to the earth’s gravitational pull. It gets worse; I carried on rambling in a whiningly diplomatic tone, ‘You see, this is her handwriting for sure. She’s definitely signed this off before. Is there any way we could possibly…..oh sh**t, did I just call you babe?’

Thank goodness my boss had a sense of humour and had a hearty chuckle at my expense, rather than call a meeting with HR.

Take a Seat

I once kick-started a one-on-one meeting with the silliest greeting, thus creating a most awkward experience that I have since – after inwardly kicking myself multiple times - filed away as one of many ‘Meet Not-So-Cute’ moments! It occurred when I met with a candidate who was wheelchair-bound. Being instinctively accustomed to my routinely charming and hostess style of welcoming interviewees into the building, I warmly greeted the candidate reception with a cheery, “Hi there, please take a seat!”

Just as soon as the words left my mouth, I wanted to snatch them right back and lock them in the safe confines of my brain. I have never been so embarrassed in my life!

The great Breakfast Butty dive

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day! This particularly rang true as the smell of my warm breakfast butty wafted through to my nostrils one fine morning. Once inside the office, I eagerly tore through the packaging like a toddler tears open a box of Star Wars Lego. I then proceeded to open my mouth, anticipating the taste of crispy sausage and bread fresh out the oven.  

Much to my dismay, the sausage slipped out of my prized breakfast butty, and as I made a noble effort to save it from meeting its most untimely end on the fuzzy carpet beneath, I simultaneously tore my suit pants. Needless to say, I walked around with a slight draft for the remainder of the day.



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