Innovation in Recruitment - Part 3

By Peter Preston

In the preceding parts of this series, I discussed how millennials will walk hand-in-hand with technology to influence the future of job boards, and how recruitment leaders need to promote their CRM as a unique selling point. In conclusion, I explore the final strategy that although perhaps not historically intuitive to recruiters, is fast becoming a hot trend in the industry!

Content is king!

Too many recruiters minimise the importance of implementing an effective content strategy to increase visibility and reach quality candidates. However, content marketing is an immensely powerful tool that has been proven to yield positive results in recruitment.

Gone are the days where recruiters could simply rely on job ads to attract candidates. These days the market is saturated, and therefore recruiters have to be far more engaging with candidates in order to sell them on the brand, whether that be through thought leadership pieces, career advice in the form of blogs or even pop culture themed social media campaigns. Using content will also enable recruiters to establish a strong brand presence and to stand out from their competitors.

From a more technical perspective, implementing an effective content strategy will increase your recruitment agency’s organic search ranking and therefore website traffic. If you publish engaging content on your website, it appears higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), and will begin to rank for more terms, helping to grow your brand’s overall online visibility.

How do you think the recruitment industry will embrace innovation in the years to come?

About the author

Peter Preston is a dynamic career development and corporate strategist with over 13 years of experience in recruitment. He is currently Managing Director of Search Professional Services across the UK. – providing recruitment services into the HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Financial Services, Insurance and Accountancy & Finance sectors. He leads a team of passionate and driven recruitment leaders across 13 national offices, and an environment where teamwork, respect, accountability, focus and professionalism ensure the highest levels of standards, service and performance.

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