Innovation in Recruitment - Part 2

By Peter Preston

Following on from part 1, of my recruitment innovation series, here is my second prediction on how the industry will adapt to the ever-changing needs and demands in the market!

CRM - A recruiter's unique selling point

I recently tuned into a webinar led by speakers from Bullhorn and Barclay Jones. I was able to take away some valuable insights from the discussion on the power of customer relationship management (CRM) as a unique selling point for recruiters, and the need to use it wisely.

External sources such as job boards and LinkedIn are useful tools to pinpoint and engage with candidates. But the reality is that a vast number of small to medium sized recruitment businesses are not fully utilising the potential of their CRM to accurately store candidate information, effectively match candidates to jobs that will best suited to them and presenting the most sought-after candidates to businesses.

According to a recent poll by Deloitte and APSCo, 90% of recruitment leaders expect CRM to be the first point of call, but only 17% of recruiters source from the CRM first.

The speakers advised recruitment leaders to adhere to the following steps in order to make the CRM their unique selling point:

  1. Make processes clear – ensure that each consultant has a clear understanding of how to use the CRM as a backbone to maximise the candidate and client experience.
  2. Make data sexy – feed as much information into the database as possible. Don’t just aim to have a large quantity of candidates but focus on their individual qualities, skills, personalities etc.
  3. Make CRM easy – it should be as intuitive as possible
  4. Nurture top talent – this is vitally important as it will motivate your staff to keep reaching targets and demonstrating the best ROI
  5. Ensure that training is ongoing – keeping up with developments and trends.

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About the author

Peter Preston is a dynamic career development and corporate strategist with over 13 years of experience in recruitment. He is currently Managing Director of Search Professional Services across the UK. – providing recruitment services into the HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Financial Services, Insurance and Accountancy & Finance sectors. He leads a team of passionate and driven recruitment leaders across 13 national offices, and an environment where teamwork, respect, accountability, focus and professionalism ensure the highest levels of standards, service and performance.

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