Innovation in Recruitment - Part 1

By Peter Preston

The world of recruitment has undoubtedly come a long way from the days of telephone calls and newspaper adverts. However, there is still a need for the industry to innovate in order to really tap into the market’s full potential. Over the course of my 3-part series, I outline my predictions on how the industry will embrace innovation in the years to come!

Millennials will dictate the future of job boards

Recruiters tend to have a love/hate relationship with job boards. On the one hand it’s a useful tool to post jobs and reach a broad range of candidates, but many argue that it is perhaps not as interactive and engaging as it should be, asking the right questions and targeting the right audiences. With emerging technologies redefining the way we conduct business, as well as more millennials entering the workforce, it’s clear that this widely utilised tool needs to innovate going forward.

I was recently asked by Recruitment International for my thoughts on what would be a greater influence on the evolution of job boards between millennials and technology. In my view, neither of the two will influence innovation on their own.

In my view, millennials will be instrumental in leading and driving the questions that will be asked of the job boards. Many providers are evaluating data to determine how they can maintain a competitive edge. Although job boards are attempting to adapt to the demand in the market, there is no denying the need for additional value.

We see how millennials demand instant and effective technological solutions to enhance their daily lives, and as consumers, they demand an efficient and interactive service that meets their needs both adequately and quickly. So it’s a matter of millennials driving providers to technology that will attract the right candidates in the marketplace.

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About the author

Peter Preston is a dynamic career development and corporate strategist with over 13 years of experience in recruitment. He is currently Managing Director of Search Professional Services across the UK. – providing recruitment services into the HR, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Financial Services, Insurance and Accountancy & Finance sectors. He leads a team of passionate and driven recruitment leaders across 13 national offices, and an environment where teamwork, respect, accountability, focus and professionalism ensure the highest levels of standards, service and performance.

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