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Last year we saw the force awaken, and once again The Resistance arose from hidden corners of the galaxy to challenge the looming threat of the New Order. It’s easy to draw multiple cyber security parallels from the much-loved sci fi franchise…

Let’s say the Dark Side is the universal symbol of all things malicious: Malware, Bot Nets, Cyber Attacks, Advanced Persistent Threat, and the like. It is always trying to take over, sometimes using the force (hacking ala Black Hat) for evil. Others see Snoke and Kylo Ren as an aggressive Chief Security Officers (CSO).

The Resistance represent the cyber security team, comprising of analysts, strategists and ethical hackers who wield the force for good - using their knowledge, skills, and abilities to make the world a better place.

In this blog, we invite you to meet The Cyber Threat Resistance, and find out which character could be you!

The Security Analyst

Just like General Leia Organa - who both founded The Resistance to monitor the actions (and threats) of the First Order, and continues to play a strategic role in the battle against the New Order - the Security Analyst monitors the company’s network and computing environments for vulnerabilities and helps identify any active threats. They may also offer support to architects and testers when needed.

The Incident Responder

Although Han Solo (Now gone, but certainly never forgotten) may have a grumpy and cynical disposition, he is always around when the Resistance need his expertise to counter attacks from the Sith empire the New Order. He may be sceptical and drag his feet at first, but when he finds out exactly where and what the threats are, he gets the job done! Han is the Incident Responder of The Resistance, handling everything from minor intrusions to large-scale disasters that affect the company. The Incident Responder's primary goal is to mitigate the event’s effects and restore operations to normal.

The Penetration Tester

After breaking ties with the New Order, Finn, formerly a Storm Trooper, is able to add his valuable insight and knowledge regarding the inner workings of the New Order  to General Leia Organa, before her troops go head to head with those of Kylo Ren. Much like Penetration testers, he is able to expose the weak points in a company so they can be remediated before attackers can exploit them. Penetration Testers use active testing methods to simulate real-world intrusions and other attacks. This provides the company with a valuable perspective that won’t come from passive analysis alone.

The Security Architect

In his service to the Resistance, Poe Dameron became one of Organa's most-trusted operatives, and quickly rose through the ranks of the understaffed Starfighter Corps, earning the command of both Red and Blue Squadron―the latter of which served as the primary line of defense for the Resistance base on D'Qar. Like Poe and the Blue Squadron, Security Architects fulfil a preventative role in the company’s cyber security program. They develop and maintain the security controls that are put in place to stop an attack before it happens, or to slow an attack down and minimise its effects.

The Secure Software Developer

Like the hyper-competent Rey, the underdog scavenger who turns out to be a skilled pilot who can both fire a variety of weapons and hold her own with a lightsaber against the blows inflicted by Kylo Ren, Secure Software Developers are creative problem-solvers who are quick on their feet! Given the rapidly evolving nature of cyber crime, Secure Software Developers need to continuously keep themselves informed about emerging – and ultimately more sophisticated – threats in order to design applications and write code that adhere to best practices for security. They also ensure that any software developed in-house meets the company’s unique security standards as defined by policy.

The reality is that cyber crime is an ever-evolving beast that will never be completely eliminated. Just like how the Death Star was destroyed twice, leaving room for the conversion and rise of the more sophisticated and far-reaching threat of Kylo Ren’s Starkiller base, cyber threats will continue to make waves across the world of business, thus increasing the demand for skilled professionals to counter threats and attacks.

Do you want to join The Resistance?

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