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It’s a cold morning. The heater in your car is playing up, and no matter what radio station you select, you’re subject to a barrage of either annoying adverts, or DJs prattling mindlessly about nothing. As you trundle forward in second gear, amongst the great convoy of rush hour traffic, you realise you don’t even want to reach your destination. Your work has become stagnant, the industry uninspiring, your boss a likely sociopath. In the pit of your stomach, you know. You’re in the wrong job. This isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing.

It’s a tough realisation to come to terms with, but take heart, the feeling you’re having is a common one. How common? Well, see for yourself: In a report released by The London School of Business and Finance, 1,000 professionals were surveyed on how felt about their careers. 47% said they would like to change. That feeling you’re in the wrong job? At any time, you’re sharing it with roughly half the working population.

So, what do you do? Providing your financial commitments allow you a certain degree of wiggle room, there are a number of options. Research other industries, re-train in something different, go back to further education, go back-packing around Indo-China to ‘find yourself’. All possibilities with their own merits. But there’s another option you may not have considered, an option that becomes more compelling the more you examine it; temping.

There's plenty of work

Unlike training courses, which have limits on intake, and set deadlines for applications and start dates, temporary positions are constantly available and need to be filled quickly. There’s also lots of them. You only need to type your postcode into the search function of any reputable recruitment firm and you’ll be presented with pages and pages of jobs.

This is particularly beneficial for those of you who can’t afford to be out of work for long. The arduous, lengthy recruitment process usually associated with permanent positions, does not apply with temporary positions.

It can be well paid

“Temporary work can be well paid?! Rubbish!” Actually, yes. It really can. In 2015, The Recruitment and Employment Confederation commissioned a survey into temporary work wages. They discovered that over a third of employers (36% to be exact) claimed that temporary workers earn more than they would on a permanent contract at their company, and 56% that temporary workers earn the same. Only 2% stated that temporary workers earned less.

You still need to be realistic about what you could earn in a temporary position, but the right one could still put enough digits into your current account each month to keep the wolves from the door.

You can explore new industries

Rather than thinking of temporary work as mere respite from a job you loathed, think of it as an opportunity to explore whole new worlds of work. Do you make the best beans on toast out of all your friends? Why not see how you fare working in a kitchen? Does your dad call you a ‘barrack-room lawyer’ when you’re arguing about internal building regulations? Why not look at temporary positions in a law firm? Or even construction, seen as you’re such an expert?

The point is, temporary work offers something nothing else can; the ability to experiment with different industries, with no need to commit to any, and you get paid for it.

Temporary positions can become permanent

This one depends very much on you. Prepare, eventually, to find yourself in a temporary position that you really like. The company is great, the industry exciting, the bosses generally not sociopaths. If you turn up every day, work hard, maintain a positive attitude, the company will be reluctant to see you go. Of course, their hands may be tied on that front, but it’s common for temporary workers to be offered permanent positions having impressed during their time.

Even if a position can’t be made available, you’ve made an enormous breakthrough. You now know what industry you want to commit yourself to, at least for the foreseeable. Not only that, but you now have experience to put on your CV, and providing you have put the effort in, a glowing reference. The company you’ve been working for might even help you find something else, or at the very least put in a good word for you with someone they know.


Life is short. The last thing you want is to find yourself trapped in a job you that’s not right for you. Leaving a permanent position to undertake temporary work in the hope of finding something better requires a degree of bravery. However, this is potentially the rest of your working life we’re talking about here. If that’s not worth summoning your inner warrior for, then what is?

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Temping is a great option if you’re undergoing a career switch. It allows you the flexibility to try a variety of roles and is a great way to get loads of experience under your belt.

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