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By Katherine Tiddy

Although some individuals may find a career they happily stick with for life, many others often reach a point in their professional path where they decide to return to the drawing board and change direction. Are you at a crossroad in your career path? Read on to find out how you can make the transition through working temp jobs.

Top tips to make the career switch by working temp jobs

Temping opportunities have historically been utilised by individuals who struggle to find a permanent job. However, many who are contemplating a career change are now turning to the world of temping in order to facilitate the transition process. One of the key benefits of being employed as a temp is that you can earn an income whilst still having the flexibility to develop your skills as you pursue a different career path. Below are my top five tips on how you can successfully make your much-needed career switch through temping.

Step 1: Consider which industry you want to break into, and get working!

Reaching the realisation that you need a career change is in theory the first step, but a wish without a vision is pointless, and a vision without a plan often ends up fruitless. You need to sit down and really consider what industry you want to get into, but remember that it may be unrealistic to make a final decision straightaway. Many individuals find that they need to test the waters first through various temp jobs in order to determine which career is the perfect fit for them. If you are having trouble deciding, then get out there and take steps towards finding what you want.

Step 2: Speak to experts to find out how you can gain experience in your field

Once you have identified your field for career change, the next thing you need to do is find out how you can obtain relevant experience in that field. Since it’s challenging to break into any new and professional field without previous experience, you can use temping to gain that experience. You can speed up this process by calling on the services of a temp agency that specialises in offering workforces related to your newly chosen career. This way, you will increase your chances of gaining temp experience that is specific to your new career.

Furthermore, it’s important to have an in depth discussion with your temp consultant regarding your plans about your career change and your preferred career field. In doing this, you need to convince them that you have the ability to adapt and transfer your skills to meet the requirements of your new career. Remember that any extra credentials on your CV count. So from the onset of your career, you should continuously invest in learning new skills that both interest you and can be applied to a role that interests you.

Step 3: Time management is crucial

Temporary jobs are just that, temporary. For this reason, it is vitally important that you manage your time effectively in order to successfully build your career portfolio and earn an income. When looking for temp jobs throughout the long-term career evaluation process, you should aim to go for ones with the most flexibility. This will allow you to plan your time accordingly, and dedicate hours to researching and pursuing a permanent career of your choice. As mentioned above, be sure to invest in skill development courses and do your best to cultivate and develop the skills needed for the role you hope to secure in the long term.

Step 4: Approach each job with respect, and learn as much as you can

Although the job is listed as a temporary opportunity, you should treat it just as you would a permanent position. Of course, this helps if you choose temp jobs that interest or inspire you on some level, whether it be through the projects, the people employed in the company or the skills that you can learn from it. Remember that initiative and proactivity is sure to get you noticed by your employer, and their referral could be a valuable boost to your likelihood of landing the career you want at a later stage. In addition, there is nothing wrong with being assertive about which employers you want to work for, as their brand, reputation and culture in the business world could have an impact on your CV.

Step 5: If the job is right for you, hold onto it!

Once hired into a position that you feel is an ideal long-term career option for you, the wise course of action would be to stick to it for as long as you possibly can! When a company hires your temp services, they will have specific requirements they need you to meet, so make sure that you both meet them and stick to them.

However, try not to be over enthusiastic as you launch into your new career by making grand promises that you are subsequently unable to deliver. Remember to continuously demonstrate your commitment to learning from your colleagues, performing your newly acquired role to the best of your ability and making an impact – both within the company and its stakeholders.

About the Author

Katherine Tiddy is the Managing Director for Commercial and General Staffing at Search Consultancy. She currently manages multiple teams across the UK, providing bespoke solutions to candidates across each of the vertical markets she covers. Initially beginning her career at Search as a consultant in 2000, Katherine has gone on to become a true market leader and industry expert in recruitment.


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