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The world of temping undoubtedly gives you valuable experience, skills and the ability to relate to individuals from all walks of life – all of which can boost your career progression. But although temping can be an exciting career path that exposes you to a wide range of industries and people, realistically speaking, many candidates hope to achieve job security at some point in their professional lives.

In this blog, we show you how to get your foot in the door through temping, and successfully progress from temp to permanent when the opportunity arises.

Why you should embrace the opportunity to try before you buy

What many early job-seekers don’t realise is that they have entered a candidate-driven market, and as such have the power to cultivate experience and skills through temping which will in turn make them highly sought after by employers. As a temp, you have the power not only build an impressive portfolio of skills and achievements, but also pick and choose a job that is best suited to your skills, expertise and personality. Gone are the days where one has to settle for a job they are not entirely happy with simply because they need the security of a permanent income.

Top tips to go from Temp to Permanent!

Temping essentially gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. But what happens when you want to settle? Read our top tips of what to do next!

When hired as a Temp, make your situation clear

Make it known to your manager that you’re interested in a permanent position. If you do this, then you’ll be front of mind when the boss starts recruiting for permanent staff.

Know why you have been hired as a Temp in the first place

As a temp, it’s essential that you know the reason why you have been recruited from the onset, as there are different circumstances that motivate employers to take on temporary staff. If you’ve been recruited to cover a period of leave, it’s unlikely that you will be made a permanent employee. Alternatively, if the company is introducing a new operational concept to the business, and needs an extra pair of hands to pilot the project for a rolling period of time, then there may be scope for permanent employment. If the latter is the case, it’s important to do your homework. Take advantage of having your foot in the door, and seek to identify which skills are required in order to become permanently employed.

Be the Temp who gets to know the company

One way to gain an advantage when a permanent position opens up is to learn about your company’s way of operating: their brand, what products and services they deliver, their values and who the competition is etc. The sooner you understand the way things work, the faster you can discover if you fit in, and work towards making yourself a valuable asset to the business.

Make yourself an invaluable Temp

If you detect the potential for permanent employment, than it is vital that you actively demonstrate the value you bring to the table, and how having you as a permanent employee will benefit the company in the long run. If you can pick up a specific skill that’s vital to the business, then grab the opportunity. Having expertise will put you in a strong position when your temp role is reviewed and could lead to you being made permanent.

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Find your next Temp job with Search

Temping is a great option if you’re not quite sure of the direction you want to take your career. It allows you the flexibility to try a variety of roles and is a great way to get loads of experience under your belt.

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