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By Michael Quinn

Becoming more digitally-minded may seem like a daunting transition period for many accountants. In my 3rd and final blog in this series, we outline the first steps you should take to get the ball rolling!

Steps to Digital Transformation


1. Get stakeholders to buy into your vision

Your initial objective should be to ensure alignment of expectations and secure the platform that will ensure a successful outcome. This means you will need to set specific objectives that can be realised, come to a mutual agreement on a budget and set a timeline. With top level support, you can then pick your internal team with confidence, identifying the necessary skills to resource the project.

2. Break the project down

Ensure the core financials are implemented first. You can add integrations at the initial stage, but only if the design is well thought out and operational risk is managed. That might mean leaving any integrations or complex process changes for a number of months after the core financials are bedded down and the team experiences some early success. Most good accounting systems have on-boarding processes and tools that take care of a lot of the tedious data migration work.

3. Define exactly what you want to see in your reports before investing

Going through the process of defining your reporting pack will ensure you stay on track, not only when evaluating systems but when you come to the implementation stage. Lots of products have quite flashy dashboards and reporting tools but it is crucial to ensure the system’s architecture can be configured in a way which will allow you to get the information out of it in a meaningful way.

4. Learn from trendsetters in digital accountancy

The most successful implementations are led by those who know exactly what they want and are confident that their system can do it. Look for evidence of previous successes in businesses which are similar to yours. Case studies and reference sites will be invaluable, as will be networking with peers to discuss their experiences. Knowing what you want upfront will allow your vendor to introduce you to other Finance professionals who have embarked on similar projects. Remember, if it has been done before and it worked, it is likely to work for you.

What steps are you taking to become more digitally-minded in your field of accountancy and finance?

About the Author

Michael Quinn is a highly experienced and professional Associate Director for Accountancy & Finance/ Legal across Search Consultancy’s Northwest offices. Not only is he both quality-focused and results-driven, but his extensive background in recruitment has enabled him to embrace, initiate and facilitate change across a wide range of businesses. His goal is to build long term relationships based on trust. As such he is a firm believer that integrity, honesty, professionalism and hard work generate long term success.

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