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​Contrary to popular opinion, there are multiple opportunities for career development within a call centre. From customer service to support, part two of this series will show you how to break into the industry at entry level and progress to management.

Climbing the ladder

The call centre industry is largely candidate-driven, which means that it is fairly easy for individuals to join the sector without having a great deal of experience beforehand. While many call centres offer comprehensive training which allows you to settle into your role, it’s important to continuously look for ways in which you can progress within the industry.

Below, we list seven of the main career avenues you can follow within a call centre, ranging from entry, to support and senior/management level:

1. Customer Service Advisor

This role is ideal for individuals with a genuine passion for customers and developing relationships. To be successful at this role, you will be expected to be IT- literate and possess a versatile, accurate approach to work. If you are determined and ambitious, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

2. Sales and Contact Centre Agent

A well suited role for those who enjoy working in a sales environment; working to targets and meeting deadlines. You’ll need to be ambitious and self-motivated. Proven experience in a customer or call centre environment would be an advantage, alongside the ability to build rapport over the phone and influence customers.

3. Supervisor/Team Manager

This role is ideal for ambitious individuals who enjoy leading teams and actively engaging others to achieve measurable results. You will need to be able to engage with others easily to be an effective people manager, motivating others as well as providing feedback to individuals on their performance. Proven experience in a customer or call centre environment would be an advantage, alongside the ability to work intuitively and analytically. The ability to evaluate the performance of your team against key performance indicators is crucial!

4. Customer Service Manager

If you’re detail-orientated, organised, possess good analytical skills and are results driven, than this is the role for you. As second line management, customer service managers are responsible for managing several teams and team managers in monitoring the service and operations of call centre agents, develop and standardise call centre operational procedures and assist in managing core projects including coaching, mentoring and administration.

5. Call Centre Support

For those who have a long-term career strategy, there are opportunities to progress to support roles within a call centre which include but are not limited to recruitment, HR and risk.

6. Subject Matter Expert

This role calls on you to be a valuable information resource within a call centre, providing a wealth of knowledge and support to agents. Subject matter experts may serve as liaisons to the functional area from which they obtained their expertise, and are often the ‘go to’ people for assistance and up-to-date information on a specialty, policies, processes, quality, marketing programs or general contact centre issues.

7. Project Manager

If you enjoy making and maintaining key decisions, this could be the opportunity for you. With a variety of responsibilities involving day-to-day running and deliverance of projects, leadership and negotiation skills, you should have a proven track-record of delivering large and complex projects already. It is also important that you are a comfortable team leader and able to ensure projects are delivered on time by the team members you will be managing. A project manager is also responsible for leading continuous process improvement. This means that opportunities will often arise for people to move into roles supporting projects with further development to managing projects.

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