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The transition from university to the world of work can be an eye-opener for many graduates. Many end up feeling disillusioned when their career aspirations fail to materialise shortly after graduation. With recent studies showing that numerous graduates are seeking employment opportunities to set foot through the professional door, part one of this series highlights the benefits of kick-starting your career path in a call centre.

1. The immediate opportunity to practice what you have learned in university

One of the biggest misconceptions about call centres is that agents are only required to make phone calls. The reality is that call centres are actually created to cater to particular concerns that demand specific knowledge and expertise. For example, if you have a degree in tourism, you could pursue a customer service role for a travel agency. This will give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned at university to your role in the world of work.

2. You will learn and develop transferrable skills

In addition to practicing what you have learned in university, you can learn transferrable skills such as communication, perseverance and time management. These can all be applied to a variety of different industries. Learning how to work with people is perhaps the most valuable skill one can possess in the business world, and the interactive nature of a call centre provides the perfect platform for you to cultivate and develop your skills in this regard.

3. You'll experience career development and growth

By learning and practicing the skills mentioned above, you will increase your chance of furthering your career, whether you choose to remain within the call centre industry or set your sights elsewhere. Although many call centre agents and advisors go on to pastures new after increasing their visibility in the job market, there are avenues to progress from entry to management level within a call centre.

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